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  1. WonderTomee

    Alonso's face in F1 2019?

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to do an F1 2019 Fernando Alonso career mode, but i want his face in the game.. as i know his face WAS in, for F1 2018, so i would like to ask, where are the created drivers' face? None of them is similar enough so i want him to be the character.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the same problem now with 1.06 (PC). - Reinstalled the game - Checked my files via steam - Checked what are the default audio devices - Have fresh Windows - On other Devices it works, but not on my Logitech G430 (which is my default audio device). On the other hand car sounds and menu sounds work well Still not working. what now @Faya? + Commentators are also muted.
  3. DX11 and DX12 have the same issue.
  4. Dear @Faya, Yes, sorry i didn't say that i'm playing on Steam (PC). My Steam name: WonderTomee™ #Chatte (Steam ID64: 76561198075297130) The pictures of the errors are attached down below. (fresh pictures) No UDP telemetry tools used for this game. The Game is also downloaded correctly as the Steam says. No problematic files found. I still have no idea what can be wrong. It came in since v1.06, because before i was able to play Online with other ppl.
  5. Dear Readers,Support, I played online races in F1 2013-F1 2019 until yesterday. Since the 1.06 came in i have an issue which says im kicked for cheating when i want to join a lobby / you are banned from this session when i want to create MY OWN LOBBY. I know if i mod the game it can cause an issue like this, because it happened to me in F1 2018. My game is fresh and "mod-empty". I reinstalled the game to check if it's the problem or not but nothing changed. I don't use any cheat either. Before that update i was able to play Open Lobbies (usually i was the host), and i was able to play weekly challange and ranked too. Looking forward to your helpful answers, Best wishes, Tamás "WonderTomee" Pandur. P.S.: Background programmes shouldn't be a problem because i use the same things as before (Chrome, Teamspeak, Logitech Driver for my wheel, AMD Radeon settings).