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  1. You can expand your garage up to 120 slots. DLC confirmed :D
  2. You know the guy who wrote it know there is no Gymkhana right? Because in your text is no smiley, it look serious.
  3. @KickUp And what about manufacturers who don´t making cars anymore. Do you still need to license these manufacturers? For example Trabant, Moskvitch etc.
  4. @KickUp What about eastern european cars. Why are not in game? Is it harder to license these cars?
  5. I don´t know where to write this, maybe here. Did you already saw this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqsSDYYnG9Q
  6. I am from Czech Republic and I am already "spamming" countdown thread with a lot of Škoda cars. 
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