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  1. That russian localization is completely ...ed up, it's horrible! For example - commentator says "2 DRS zones" and russian subtitles says "This track have a couple of high-speed zones" 1.05 changelog says "Rain / ERS charging lights now work on PS4 Pro" and russian in-game changelog says "Rain and headlights with ERS charge will now work on PS4 Pro" (what the ... is this??) Also 1.05 changelog says "Fanatec wheels will no longer send strong force feedback turning the wheel to the right on race starts" and russian variaton of this string says "Fixed strong force feedback on Fanatec wheels WHEN turning a wheel to the right on the race starts" And also russian 1.05 changelog says something about stability, but I dont see anything about stability in changelog posted on steam And the last thing I remember is completely unforgivable: after the first F2 race in career, if we let our teammate past he will say "Hey, look. I know, that wasn't easy..." and russian subtitles says "Devon, listen..." Where the ... they took that ...ing Devon?!?!?!? He's not even on our screen! I literally have no words. F1 2018 and previous games had a lot better localization, why is it so horrible now?
  2. 1) my cpu and gpu doesnt meet specs for f1 2017 either but I dont have that problems with f1 2017 mystery? 2) Im running f1 2018 after this stesp with ~40-50 fps on medium in full hd as I already said 3) I do have ssd and it doesnt matter if the game is on ssd or not, this problem happens every time
  3. Sorry if there's a separate topic for bugs, I dont see it So, first of all - I DON'T have the screenshot because for about first 5 secs I was trying to understand "what the fu..?" About the bug - I was giving an interview, everything looked normal but after the interview and Claire's "Great! Well, that's everything." MY OWN female career character with my own helmet just walked next to me to the weighing, what is that? "NEW F1 THEORIES: THERE IS 2 OF YOUR CAREER CHARACTERS IN THE PADDOCK???? IT MUST BE UFO'S BUSINESS!" (c) every single dumbass that is trying to build a theory from nothing
  4. I dont know why, but for me F1 2018 (ONLY f1 2018) runs veeeery slowly without doing this: 1. Open the game 2. Go to task manager and select the game there 3. Right click > details 4. Right click "F1_2018.exe" 5. Set priority > "high" 6. Set affinity > Uncheck "All processors" and then check it again. without doing this, my game runs at 5-10 fps on any settings & any resolution and loads track up for around ~3-4 minutes why? pc specs: pentium g4400 8gb ddr4 gt 1030 f1 2017 runs perfectly without this steps and f1 2018 runs for 40 fps on medium settings in full hd