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  1. I started the game the first time and in VR. What a "great" start: I cant change my name in driver profile creation and also not afterwards in profile settings. Great start to already get bugs so early already 😕 edit: It shows just the surname on the leaderboards and in the game which I want the game to use anyway. So its fine for me. Still weird though that it offers to change the names, while you cant then. But I have something positive to say too. I drove the first time in Finland because I was most excited to experience that many mountains i
  2. @Porkhammer Since for whatever reason Dirt 4 doesnt have a car setup workshop unlike Dirt Rally had - do you have a setup for michigan and the Subaru 1995? It drives terrible. It understeers like hell and the AI seems to not have this problem o.o Or is this car in general a bad Group A car? I thought the Subaru was one of the best rally cars :/
  3. 4km stages out of puzzle game generator :P
  4. Dirt 4: 4km stages. And I thought the Dirt Rally ones were short :(
  5. Thank you so much <3                        
  6. Dirt Rally: Steam 50 € Anywhere else: ~20 € Dont understand me wrong - its even on totally legit shops like okaysoft.de much cheaper than on steam - which makes sense to me. Why I'm supposed to pay 50 € for Dirt Rally if Dirt 4 is almost out and Dirt Rally is from 2015. Doesnt make sense to me.
  7. No variable strength on the motion blur, sorry. I just tested bumper cam in the rain and you get the same rain effect no matter which exterior camera you use (in Dirt 4). I'll see what I can do about the water splashes... 1) hm ok. Is there a reason behind this? In Dirt Rally I would've preferred half or quarter of the current motion blur strength. Best is completely deactivated for me I guess, but thats then problemativ with youtube compression 2) At least that. Thats a great step forward then if at least the weather effects work. Splash Water? What you can do about it? Make water splas
  8. ah you meant with dash the speedometers and such, sorry I as a german confused it with bonnet cam. The dash is still much car interior I guess. What effects are left over with bonnet camera (if there is one) ?
  9. Will Dirt 4 have a motion blur strength setting? In Dirt Rally it is a bit strong, but I'd like to not complete deactivate it, because youtube would get compression problems then. But I'd like to have it toned down to half or quarter the strength. Related to cockpit camera - Maybe I get more used to it, if I would have a VR device with headtracking - but without it is too much vision loss to me, especially for me its much more immersion to see more from the road surface and landscape, than seeing 75% of the screen = car interior. Is it maybe possible to edit some file somehow, so that I can s
  10. Its no surprise if you dont drive this camera and 2nd of course there are people who agree with me. My opinion is just an opinion, yes, but this about 10 people in this subforum arent the world's opinion either. But I can also say that other games do meet my opinion to this. But you're right we should end this now. it got to an endless circle.
  11. 1) but at the moment there is not just less water coming up - there is no water coming up at all. And rain weather no raindrops splashing on the screen making the view even better. 2) Yes of course! And I'm fine with it! But removing weather effects and water effects on other cameras is an immersion killer and makes it unnecessary easier and is a difficulty and immersion removal I just dont want. Dirt is the first game so far I encountered this problem. Other games, even other codemasters games, dont do this.. I dont see why dirt must have this. Its even more unfair for you guys driving with
  12. At least I get now a somewhat better discussion with at least someone. But the only thing you could contribute so far was flagging post you have no interest on or make stupid jokes from it which rather would be spam.
  13. I dont know how deep the water actually is, but I would expect water flying up also from the impact with the front of the car. I cant imagine that the bumper stays perfectly dry after such a situation. anyway - it should show at least some of the effect. But having absolutely nothing going on is lame. no raindrops by rain on screen at other cameras is lame too - even f1 hasnt it like this.
  14. Leave physics out of cameras. Problem solved. And yes it gives me not much logic that a frontbumper stays dry when driven through water lol At least a flyby water must be there, otherwise I indeed dont see the logic. Whatever, even if it stays dust dry - the cameras shouldnt remove a difficulty by the track. I wouldnt be surprised if rain weather has the same problem and I see only the raindrops from the sky, but no raindrops splashed on screen. right? Even F1 doesnt remove the raindrops on screen splashing if you're not at cockpit. meh.
  15. yes and if I drive through water and the water splashes that high up that my windscreen is full wet, my frontbumper stays perfect dry. Makes not much sense to me. But honestly even 3rd person should experience the water. The camera shouldnt change the game that radically. But at least the frontbumper camera should experience the full surface effects as well...
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