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  1. The game don’t start with the wheel and if I open that whit pad, after the connection of the wheel, the game start flashing Xbox series S All Mode Connect the wheel and open the game for ricreate the issue IMG_1010.MP4 IMG_1010.MP4 IMG_1010.MP4
  2. with xbox phone app you can download any game do u want but you can only play only if you buy it; it’s a new feature
  3. U can download it but u can’t play! It’ a feature only for Xbox app!
  4. U can download it with the app but u can’t play it
  5. I really don’t think so! it would be an immense job to create the models of all the cars, all the circuit that are no longer on the calendar and those with the modifications; I also think there are also sponsorship issues
  6. every year there is an improvement over the previous year; why should they change the game and start again from 0?
  7. I agree, a lot of people think only having fun with the new game but when they realize that they have to run on 5 repetitive tracks they give up and do not help in the development of the game; even the other years at the beginning it was always full of people! in the end they were always the same ones reporting bugs.
  8. Thanks for the update @BarryBL! Hope to be for the 3rd year in the testing group! 💪💪
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