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  1. Kev579

    I can't get DIRT 3 to start

    so no one here can help me?
  2. Kev579

    I can't get DIRT 3 to start

    Yea I've done that already and they told me that I had more than one sound card turned on but I'm using on board sound they were not realy much help my rig mobo asus p8z77-v lx RAM corsair vengeance CPU intel 3570K GPU amd sapphire hd 7790 1gb gddr5
  3. Kev579

    I can't get DIRT 3 to start

    sorry guys for leaving you in the lurch I'm trying to launch from steam client and have uninstalled gfwl and reinstalled at least a dozen times and it works because GTA 4 works no problem
  4. Kev579

    I can't get DIRT 3 to start

    yea tried all of the usual methods verify cache, run as admin, force windowed mode, force resolution edited the xml and nothing
  5. Kev579

    I can't get DIRT 3 to start

    No, no error codes just a quick splash screen then its gone
  6. Hi folks this is my first post so constructive criticism please. OK so this is the deal I start up my steam, click DIRT 3 and hit play, then a little square that says DIRT 3 pops up, then splash screen and crash, I've been n contact with the support site and sent them a DXDiag file they told me I had two sound cards active (I'm only using onboard sound no extra cards) did any of you have the same issue, and if so how did you resolve the issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks