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    So I've been following the last 100 pages or so intently and I've got a couple of questions that I don't think have been asked before. First of all, a question about the Pro Buggy footage we saw. This is a new form of motorsport to me, looking forward to learning more about it. In the footage we've seen are they racing at Wild West Motorsports Park outside Reno, Nevada or at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park outside Phoenix, Arizona? Both circuits look very similar from the air on google maps. Second question, are we able to set how frequent service parks are in custom events now? You could always do it when making a league but if I wanted to race the AI the service parks were locked at every two events. I'd love to space them out a little bit more, maybe every four stages or so. Thanks for all your input here @KickUp - I've gone from being disinterested to hyped thanks to your comments here and on reddit.