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  1. Amphydoodle

    Old threads & team profiles

    And there you go. It's GRID, the company's going to slap a couple of DLCs and updates on it and leave it alone. It's at that point, now.
  2. Amphydoodle

    Goodbye :)

    Good luck buddy, the support you've given us is incredible, and I'm sure there won't be another person like yourself to represent Codemasters in the future. I'm sure your next step will be a great one, thanks for everything you've done for the community.
  3. Amphydoodle

    Grid Autosport Mulltiplayer

    I've heard of the console versions having a very small player base (Correct me on this guys, I'm not a console player myself), but the PC/Steam version is perfectly fine. If you're on PC, try setting your Download Location settings (Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Download Region) to UK - London. It's one of, if not, the most populated servers for the game right now. Alternatively, also if you are on Steam, check us out. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gridautosportracers# I am one of many admins for this group, and we host events every other day for everyone to participate in. We've always got room for more players. (I promise I'm not trying to advertise)
  4. Amphydoodle

    Old threads & team profiles

    Personally, at this point I don't care whether or not more information is given out. The only reason it'll ever matter to me at this point is if there's going to be a direct sequel to this game that contains all the same teams. If that isn't the case, there's really no reason to elaborate on a game that's over half a year old now.
  5. Amphydoodle

    My public apology.

    I believe I have PGR2 with me, and even if I didn't, I'd buy both games.
  6. Amphydoodle

    My public apology.

    imho one of the best racing games ever made... the true rank leaderboards, team champs/events and nordeschleife in the RT12 :) It's 7 years old now... I believe the rank matches are dead but there are still people playing it online in custom races. You should treat yourself for christmas ! Better yet, I wish people would jump on XBConnect or something and game up on PGR2. That's my favorite racing game of all time. As for the RT12, though, I was never a RUF fan. Class B would be either the Jaguar XJ220S or the Ferrari GTO Evoluzione. Both beautiful cars, fun to drive and tough to master. I'll grab the game eventually, and when I do, we should gather a group and have some jam sessions. I need PGR back in my life.
  7. Amphydoodle

    xbox one

    @spackmanstephen There were a plethora of problems at the launch of GAS and consoles arguably got the short end of the stick. The PC version has had the quickest, best support compared to the other platforms, but I honestly haven't had a game breaking problem since I got it at launch (I preordered it). I guess I have been more fortunate than others, but the people that have had problems are justified in their complaints, though I feel as if the complaints have been a little too persistent.
  8. Amphydoodle

    My public apology.

    I'd have to pick up the game again, as well as a new Live subscription. Maybe when I get a new job it'll happen, as I miss that game dearly.
  9. Amphydoodle

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    All the best wishes to the company and especially yourself, @Loore. I still want me Intel computer, but that's beside the point. Thank you all for the great games, and I look forward to the future for Codemasters. [:
  10. Well I joined you for this one, I'm up for any of 'em. :)
  11. Amphydoodle

    How to block wallriders etc online?

    It won't. And if it does, hallelujah praise Codemasters/Intel/Whoever I don't care, my trust is dwindling at the moment. In any case, the people that end up intentionally doing the wide turns are usually the bad players anyway. Just laugh at them, beat them and move on.
  12. Amphydoodle

    How to block wallriders etc online?

    Time to ban everyone from your server, because the number of people who mess up the first turn at Algarve is atrocious. I wouldn't complain too much about Algarve and RBR because most of the time, that's people making mistakes. As for Bathurst, just get in front of them and stop on the wall, problem solved.
  13. You're a smart man, you should pull a Shakes and do Touring Cat A on Chicago. I had to do 10 laps of that for a racing league and I didn't enjoy any of it.
  14. Thank you, I might go and try to improve it again sometime but that car is awful to drive. There's still a decent bit of time I could make up.