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  1. dwin


    In another thread there was a discussion in setups where the assertion was made that the rear wing in the game "didn't provide any benefit." Additionally it went on to suggest that there really is a basic setup that could be used across all tracks and cars. If this is the case then there is no use for telemetry. Can anyone who uses a PC and the telemetry mod tell us whether changes in the rear wing or other parts of the setup do have an impact?
  2. dwin


    Went back and took a look at the PC add-in and that would at least be a start - but since I have a PS3 (or PS4) not much help.  HennoGarvie: You say that most people won't know how to read telemetry... - what about the many people who played GP4 or RS3 or others who clearly used it. Again, name me an F1 team that doesn't completely rely on telemetry - and same for all the drivers - it is the critical tool they use to improve their times. Without it you don't get the true experience.
  3. dwin


    I have a PS3 - and a PS4. But this should be an a key part of the existing game, otherwise the setups and corner strategies are just guessing. Guessing is completely unrealistic and no F1 driver would this. 
  4. Is this ever going to be included? F1 teams couldn't operate without this. During practice, qualifying, and race day the information being discussed between the driver and engineers is based on telemetry. The subtle changes in setup to improve performance of the cars is based on this. No F1 team or driver would race without it. So, if you are racing in F1 2013, you are racing in a way no real team or real driver does or would do. This needs to be included - like it was in GP4 or F1Career Challenge '99-'02 or RS2/3 - over a decade ago.
  5. Until telemetry is put into the game - it is just a fun racing console game. Think of it from the point of view of a real F1 team - how important is the setup?  To save money would ANY team give up telemetry? What portion of the team uses telemetry to do their jobs? What is a key objective of practice sessions? To get the setup right - and how do they do that? - telemetry. 
  6. So according to this video - the rear wing setting has no impact?
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