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  1. I just read the last messages, and what a nice way of screwing day one customers waiting for a season 3+4 sale! Here's what happened, just a recap for those who missed it or didn't connect the dots (prices are in euro, but it was the same everywhere). Day one of the sale, Season 1-4 @ 18.74 - I believe that's what most of us bought, even if we had Season 1-2 content which we were forced to throw in the trash, because of the sale price scheme (Season 3-4 alone was 29.99). Hey, finally a sale on Season 3+4 DLC how could we miss it? That's how the steam store works, blah blah blah. After 3 days still on the same sale, Season 1-4 @ 14.99 - just like that, in our face. End of sale, Season 3-4 @ 11,99 - wow, that was totally unexpected but I have to admit there's some genius in this move. So in the end Season 3-4 alone could be reduced in price, couldn't it? Deception is an art after all. That's all. Thanks to those who updated the thread and exposed what happened, I had no idea.
  2. New Steam Autumn sale, they still "forgot" to put the season 3 + 4 on sale. So Super Deluxe [DiRT Rally 2.0, DiRT Rally 2.0 - Deluxe Upgrade Store Package (Season1+2), DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe 2.0 (Season3+4)] is € 44,99 while Season Pass 3 + 4 alone is € 29.99
  3. I believe what he means is he doesn't find so much value in recycled content, and I agree. In the end it obviously isn't about money itself, as many of us spent (and will spend) a lot more for a single rfactor 2 / iracing track or car, but there's a lot of quality in there, something some of us don't really find in DR2 recycled content. Also (and I obviously I speak for myself) there's the aspect of how I was treated as a "PC first day deluxe edition owner" when: - pc pass is more expensive than the console one - day one deluxe owner are charged more than anyone else - the whole "we forgot to tell you there will be more than 2 seasons and that you will be locked away from D+ events without the current pass" Is this a fair treatment to your (already small) fanbase? I believe it isn't. So the season pass not being on sale is TO ME the latest wrong decision in a serie of bad prior decisions, that's what is all about.
  4. EDIT: Why did I come to the official forum to argue with a teenage fanboy? I don’t know, my bad. Sorry, man, that’s not something for me, not anymore.
  5. You had me at "whall of whining" argument and you definitely won when referring to someone supporting your own argument in a childish way, so what else to add? Did you notice I said nothing about "sarcasm"? We don't agree, we never will, that's not the end of the world. I mean, really. If you want to enlight me more on far left speeches tecniques or politics in general please PM me, I guess no one is interested here. The fact is: both of us, with such different opinions, here from day one, still haven't bought the package. Facts are facts, right? I'd say we are both losing here. Maybe and just maybe it's a sign something in wrong in pricing/content/how they handled and keep handling the whole thing. And maybe CM should consider that. Or not, I know they never will, but why not hope for the better? Also consider that "whining" still is something more than patiently waiting for anything to happen.
  6. I actually understand how the bundle and additional discount works, but they could have decided not to apply and additional bundle discount and transfer it to the season 3+4 pass. That would have been more fair, right? But why treat our fanbase right when we can milk them? In the end, they preordered the game, they went through bugs, disconnection problems, the FFB fiasco and so on, they will surely be happy to buy, at any price, everything we throw at them. That's great business strategy if you ask me, it surely works wonderfully for me. If that's ok for you, if you are glad playing other games while patiently waiting for them to bless us (day one owners and supporters) with a 10% discount after a year, I'm really happy for you, you'll have a great time when the time comes. Also, please consider buying the season pass at full price to support the developers and the company, they deserve our full support, there are so many other tracks and cars to "remaster" out there.
  7. A giant middle finger to Day One Deluxe edition owners. You can have the Super Duper Deluxe Giant edition for Just a bit more, it's heavely discounted, but not the 3+4 season pass alone, that is at full price. I'm done, it was a nice ride, please try not to be so greedy next time. I surely won't support DR and CM anymore.
  8. I was finally able to see how HDR is in this game, and witness how much inferior PC SDR version is. Thanks Codies for letting PC HDR gamers out for no reason. EDIT: I've seen the game is on the PC Windows Store too and has the HDR10 badge. I'll test it as soon as it downloads to see if HDR is supported on PC in Windows Store version (Steam version has no HDR support). EDIT 2: nope, no HDR in the Windows Store version too, that is also severely limited in other aspects. I also like how I always get zero comments from the devs or the community team on why HDR is missing from the pc version.
  9. It seems it was a problem some faced in DR1 too. I also found this https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dirt-rally-2-0-codemasters-masterpiece.165214/page-19 I'll try to install the game and drivers again next week.
  10. Yes, many times. I thinks the soft lock option doesn't appear if you don't calibrate first.
  11. Ok, thanks, so is a fanatec (an TM?) problem.
  12. Could you elaborate please? Just to find it if logitech wheels are fine. So you have the G27 on "auto" (in windows or in the wheel, I don't know if you control this setting on the wheel), SL is set ingame, and the ingame whell rotation is always a match to the G27 for both 540 and 900 cars?
  13. If it doesn't match then SL it's not working. It matches perfectly when you manually set the right degree, and it matches perfectly in Dirt Rally and other games. It's not like the wheel it's not turning at all, if the setting is wrong it turns less or more than intended. You'll definitely notice once you try the right setting. Also, if you look here (the amazing GTR Tecnical youtube channel), it's just setting @540 degrees (so no soft lock at all): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMJ0TFXvQso I guess it's broken for everybody after all. Nice.
  14. Ok thanks. I guess ps4 is fine. Here's the situation on pc with my fanatec wheel (I used the Escort, but it's the same for every car on the list). AUTO (a working soft lock should take care of the rotation and set it right) 900 540