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  1. Shocchiz

    HDR brightness?

    I'd really like to try by myself how bad HDR is, because I usually think it's great, but I'm on pc, so non HDR for me. I still don't get why. Is there any hope for HDR on pc?
  2. All working now, thanks for the fix.
  3. The problem is still there. I can't believe they still haven't fixed it. I guess it's the beauty of an always online server based career mode.
  4. Sadly I can’t upgrade my 208. I also lost all the upgrades in the datsun (was maxed before, now back to level 1), and 2 upgrades in the chevrolet (was level 3, now level 1). This is really bad, I stopped playing the game. it needs to be fixed ASAP, it’s really huge.
  5. Engine upgrade system completely broken Disappearing ambient sound in the car setup screen
  6. I'm in the process of upgrading all my cars. I nearly did ALL of them, I just miss a few. I was driving my 205 EVO and noticed I didn't get the usual engine upgrade confirmation screen after a rally. So I checked and it was true, nothing changed. All the cars now have a full "circle" at the level they were (partial upgrades are entirely lost), but it's impossible to advance. I also lost my Camaro level 3 engine upgrade, it's level 1 now (I had all the cars at least at level 3 engine upgrade). I still have to check all the cars. I'm on pc. Any fix? How can this happen after all this time??? EDIT: Datsun 250z full engine upgrade, gone (is level 1 now).
  7. All fine here, thanks.
  8. Guess what? 3rd day in a row.
  9. Same here, PC, 2 days in a row. Could CM please fix it? That's very annoying.
  10. It seems it was a problem some faced in DR1 too. I also found this https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dirt-rally-2-0-codemasters-masterpiece.165214/page-19 I'll try to install the game and drivers again next week.
  11. Yes, many times. I thinks the soft lock option doesn't appear if you don't calibrate first.
  12. Ok, thanks, so is a fanatec (an TM?) problem.
  13. Could you elaborate please? Just to find it if logitech wheels are fine. So you have the G27 on "auto" (in windows or in the wheel, I don't know if you control this setting on the wheel), SL is set ingame, and the ingame whell rotation is always a match to the G27 for both 540 and 900 cars?
  14. If it doesn't match then SL it's not working. It matches perfectly when you manually set the right degree, and it matches perfectly in Dirt Rally and other games. It's not like the wheel it's not turning at all, if the setting is wrong it turns less or more than intended. You'll definitely notice once you try the right setting. Also, if you look here (the amazing GTR Tecnical youtube channel), it's just setting @540 degrees (so no soft lock at all): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMJ0TFXvQso I guess it's broken for everybody after all. Nice.