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  1. Superd00ps

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    The FOV calculator for Dirt Rally 2 says I need 19.6 degrees of FOV for my 24 inch monitor that is 33+ inch away and the slider should be -5/-4. If I've read the above correctly is -5 to the left of default? this is all new to me as I've always raced bonnet view and never even thought about FOV before. It's a completely different driving experience.
  2. Superd00ps

    Disc key

    The key should be in/on the CD case. If not the first patch for the game bypassed the CD check.
  3. Superd00ps

    can't use my G27 wheel!

    Good stuff.
  4. Superd00ps

    can't use my G27 wheel!

    If you haven't installed any new Logitech drivers, I would uninstall the Logitech profile software, unplug the wheel, reinstall the Logitech software and plug the wheel in when prompted. What Os are you using?
  5. Superd00ps

    rallycross career, weather ...

    What is really surprising is that the game is online ONLY and Codies didn't give it REAL weather!? It's about time Codies gave us REAL TIME weather for our location or at the country where the stages are and forget about the random stuff.
  6. I have a similar issue only in GRID2! I'm wondering if it's xFire,...since I recently installed a second 7950?! Could it be a memory leak? Have you stried it on a single video card?
  7. I just updated to 38.0.5 and no change,...unless I use Davesdream to login.