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  1. Superd00ps

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    The FOV calculator for Dirt Rally 2 says I need 19.6 degrees of FOV for my 24 inch monitor that is 33+ inch away and the slider should be -5/-4. If I've read the above correctly is -5 to the left of default? this is all new to me as I've always raced bonnet view and never even thought about FOV before. It's a completely different driving experience.
  2. Superd00ps

    Disc key

    The key should be in/on the CD case. If not the first patch for the game bypassed the CD check.
  3. I have a similar issue only in GRID2! I'm wondering if it's xFire,...since I recently installed a second 7950?! Could it be a memory leak? Have you stried it on a single video card?
  4. I just updated to 38.0.5 and no change,...unless I use Davesdream to login.