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  1. https://www.vg247.com/2020/07/03/dirt-5-car-classes/ Porsche 924 Rally comes to Dirt 5 I really Hope it comes to DR 3 too!
  2. I just hope, this won't affect budget and future of Dirt rally 3.0
  3. I don't know if they use exactly Evo 6 Sound, but i know they have Evo 9 group N sound recorded, and the Lancer 2005 WRC sound recorded.. so they most likely use Mitsubishi sound (They all use 4G63 engine )
  4. I know it has nothing to do with DIrty Gossip, but those new engine graphic looks almost real, and physics (when i remember, I started with Sega Game Gear 8-bit Machine 🙂 ).. I hope EGO will see much needed revision, Can You imagine DR 3.0 with this kind of Graphic, and much Longer Stages, with yet best physics..
  5. You don't have to Thank me, You are the one Who got in my profile, searched for my post, just to put multiple Thumbs down on my post's... I would never fall so deep. second, you Can't say its objectivity , i am on US region PSN, so maybe its region problem!? As i really don't have problem with Co-Driver sound in Scotland..
  6. Thank You for Your answer, i think they don't wanna other liveries on their Car, or its super expensive to have other livery..? I remember when Citroen didn't like C4 with other, then official liveries, for Dirt Rally 1.0 (thats why there where only plain colour for C4) but ,at the end, they let it for DR 2.0. So with better approach, licencing team can make better deals..
  7. What ever happens with Dirt 5, i hope it won't negative effect on DR 3.0 Budget, i hope DR 3.0 will have bigger funds, to break the Magic number of 100 Cars. as first Rally Game to do it..
  8. may I ask @PJTierney is there chance for 3rd Plain colour for all Cars in DR 2.0? if doesn't cost Codemasters licensing it, it would be nice.. (Blue for SUBARU Cars, Focus mk1.. Red for Lancer, Delta etc.. Yellow for Opel Manta, Ascona, Kadett )
  9. With Next Gen Console, Always uses next iteration (heavily-reworked) Ego Engine.. it would be Crime, that they use the same Engine as DR2.0, Now, with so much more capabilities of new hardware look at this picture , at flying mud. this wasn't case with DR 2.0
  10. this , and that new engine is used are only news that i like from this announcement..
  11. i will test other Co Drivers,to compare.. but for now, my impression is, that, it sounds ok? like on Any Other Location? edit: I Can speak for myself, On my PS4 everything is perfect, Tanja has same volume as everyother Co Driver in Scotland!
  12. at my PS4 the German Co-Driver sounds Awful, but the sound volume is good. (Dear Tanja its irritate wen you mix English and German Language)
  13. It's not false, it was just cut (not made to the Game, like other content too), the sound of that Car is used for VW Golf Kit car.. so pretty sure Nissan will debut next Game..
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