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  1. dani211212

    Something is coming...

    No, its 1.6l Rally Class from Dirt Rally: Ford fiesta, Mini Countryman, VW Polo, Hyundai
  2. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    For Focus 2007, i know @PJTierney said once that the Focus will be the only one to get Special livery due low count of liveries.. thats why i did ask that question, as not any other Paid DLC will have special livery. The BMW M2 was not paid DLC, it came free to game, and its not protected for Custom Liveries (and the Paid DLC cars are protected)
  3. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    May I ask @PJTierney is there a reason why are paid DLC Cars not getting Special Livery? are those to expensive to licence? or something else is the reason?
  4. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    Sadly not 😞
  5. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    Can someone with PC, Please, look at location files and Car files, is there something new added!?
  6. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hi @cmRossGowing I Like How Dirt Rally 2.0 got nice Shape With This Comming Spring DLC, is there chance to give respect to Michael "Beef" Park, one of the best Co-Drivers.. It would be nice to Have livery from His Ford time (the blue RS or the later one) as the best period from His Career..
  7. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

  8. dani211212

    Headlights are way too dim, make them more powerful

    This has to do with limitation of game engine, in Crew 2 they did lowered headlights effect, just for perfomance of game, so its clear that this effect, does eat a lot of game engine.. with new gen engine it will surley be improved!
  9. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    How the "Cold Basment" did I get space Star Livery? i Drove like McCrash, did 2:30+ time and still got livery? anyway, Happy New Year to All Dirt Fellows, and Thanks CM for Livery :)
  10. dani211212

    Does Body Damage Matter

    I like to drive damaged (just body) and dirt (not cleaned) Car myself, but the only thing i notice, i get much easier puncture, and if i Crash again, other part get sooner bad, didnt notice any other Car behavior (less top speed, or any other negative effect)
  11. dani211212

    Season 3 + 4 Pass

    the problem is, the Season 4 is not finished yet, so they cant do sale now.. but I get You, its very frustating to see same price for complete Game packeg , for the price of season 3 +4
  12. dani211212

    New rally locations

    I think we need location for Asia, maybe Japan. One for Africa.. Kenya and there is big chance for Ireland
  13. dani211212

    Something is coming...

    I dont think its just McRae themed, there is info That Lancer 2005 was sound recorded.. and we know also about Nissan F2 ..
  14. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip

    To All Dirt Fans, I wish You all earning "Merry Cosworth" livery, have a Good Day and Festive Time
  15. Now its Even better, on USA PSN super deluxe (game + all DLC s1, s2 , s3 s4) is same price as Season 3+4 29.99 dollars