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  1. dani211212

    anyone unlock the audi and upgraded trophy?

    UPGRADED Fully research and apply the maximum engine upgrade to 5 cars here is the full list of trophies https://www.truetrophies.com/n16929/exclusive-dirt-rally-20-trophy-list-revealed
  2. dani211212

    screwed by racenet again, on daily

    I feel your pain, happens from time to time, lets hope the update will come soon..
  3. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    If i remember right, it was said somewhere, that he recorded 28 stages.. so i am preatty sure, he will be co driver aswell for DLC stages..
  4. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    You did not understand me, You can play the game and compete on second account, but, you cant use DLC. how can that stop cheaters they can cheat still with no DLC!? i dont see how can someone defend this "lame" decision, it has nothing to do with cheating.. i like the game, but there are to much nonsense, that only hurt sale, of this great Game.
  5. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I am sorry but what has DLC using, with cheating!? i use one account and my kid has second.. so i have to pay more for using my kids account!? why didnt they make option in game for more players? so we can make separate career mode with same account? for example: here is official link from codies store, https://store.codemasters.com/us/product/500546/dirt-rally-20-deluxe-edition can you find info of DLC just for one user? if they did that way they should tell users about that, from PS3 time (2006), if you bought something in PS Store, it was allways accsess for all users on that Console , and later, when i moved to PS4, i bought few games from PS Store, and my Son can use all games and all the dlc on his account.. jus Dirt rally 2.0 not! they didnt even give that info.. i am sorry, but thats in my opinion, just greed
  6. i hope for Lancer 2005 and Markko Martin's Ford Focus 2003/5 as location: Kenya, or Japan
  7. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Before you buy, Just wanna say, you have to buy it with account that you use most, because you can use DLC just with one Account ( in Career mode), thats a thing i learned on harder way.. as deluxe owner, they had to inform you about that, that you can use DLC just with one account, on every other account on PS4 has to pay again for DLC, so you can be using it in Career mode.
  8. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    wow didnt expect to flop like this, Dirt Rally 2.0 in UK after 2 weeks already on 21 place (was 6th in the first week) https://www.chart-track.co.uk/index.jsp?c=p/software/uk/latest/index_test.jsp&ct=110015 i still hope for chance that game will live after season 2, to get season 3 and 4.. (there are so many more cars that we need in this game)
  9. dani211212

    ps4 DLC problem

    If i understand You right @jennyannem, if i start second career mode, on my own PS4, on my other account, i cant use DLC that i have bought? i must pay again for same DLC? to be honest, this is first game that i have bought with that kind of policy (to buy separate dlc, for second account).. and really its not right at all. anyway thanks for responding, now i am sure, that everything is ok with game, i did hope something is wrong with game and needed just update..
  10. dani211212

    WRC 8 Livestream

    No metter what most say negative about game, I like the improvments over WRC7, i like how they did wind effect with shaking trees and bushes, and flying leaves in Camera direction, but the best part was Dynamic wheater.. and info of getting Classic Cars, for me its win win situation, i like DR 2.0 and hope we get more support, like season 3 and 4 , with one more game like WRC 8, as rally fan what could i wish more!?
  11. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    WRC 7 was much better, and from video 8 is improved physic wise.. ( but honestly not DR2 level)
  12. dani211212

    ps4 DLC problem

    thanks for responding @jennyannem, i have problem just with one account, i have dlc cars in free play on both account, the problem is Career Mode, there is only on one account DLC cars..
  13. dani211212

    ps4 DLC problem

    I forgot to say, i can use the Cars in Free Play, but not in Career mode, there are not even listed to buy with in game money (currency) edit: Also i can't access to PS Store from game, maybe thats the problem in first place with DLC cars, anyway, hope some from CM respond to this problem..
  14. dani211212

    ps4 DLC problem

    I have problem with DLC, I did buy on my second account (also primarly ps4, i have just one) Deluxe edition on PS store, recived the DLC (i did have to manualy download from PS store Skoda and Citroen), but can't use in career mode Fabia, 911 and C4 on my First account. This happens only on Dirt rally 2.0, on every other game i dont have problem with dlc..
  15. dani211212

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I hope more for that livery editor, that was hinted long ago as "not at beginning" it would be very nice to create own, or re-create liveries for as console users (pc users can mod, but we are stock with 20% " original bespoke" liveries, and the rest are only quick used patern livery from dirt 4).,