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  1. BadgersAreFun

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    It's nice to see that one of the requests I put in the Grid Autosport feedback thread five whole years ago has been acted upon (points earned each race added to the timing screen). It's just a shame that so many of the features that I enjoyed in GA didn't make it into this game. Can we at least have the GA multiplayer lobby system return? Also, can we please, please at least have the option to turn off the AI in multiplayer?
  2. BadgersAreFun

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Small, nitpicky things in the UI are what bother me: - Would love the ability to follow other cars during a replay. Sometimes it'd be nice to see how another driver takes a corner (even if it is just the AI); sometimes I just want to see that massive crash I caused over and over. I dont see any point in the replay system when the camera is stuck to my car. I know how badly/well I've driven. - an actual lobby, showing numbers playing and associated ping would be much better than anonymised matchmaking. I kept dropping from games yesterday, to spend ten minutes going back and forth between creating new, empty games and the main menu, before finally getting back into the  populated game I'd came from. Actually knowing there were games out there would be nice. - manual controls should be enabled when using the View Car option. - show the points gained in MP races at the end of the race - havig the option to turn the second screen into an actual timing screen, with sector and lap times would be awesome. I fail t see how anyone would ever be able to pay attention to that tiny live feed at the very edge of peripheral vision. - remove the confirmation dialog when repairing cars. I always want to repair the car; that's why I've pressed the repair button. - even better, have a 'Repair All' option - add the option to buy a car from the vehicle select screen of MP races - i know the car packs are done, but it would have been really handy to include the car class in their descriptions.  - Please expand the ingame leaderboards for Racenet challenges. If I'm pulling a ghost off the list, I dont need to be chasing the guy who's only 1 tenth faster than me -  I want to be able to pull the guy half a second, or more. Um. Yeah. Off the top of my head. Apologies if any are already mentioned, mo ti,e to read thread because lunh. Otherwise, enjoying GA more than I did G2. The good work, keep it up.