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  1. And with that video, you can prove what I'm saying since day 1. The sound in this game is awful (again), even the helmet sound. There was an idiot from the developers who already block me, because they can't read a negative feedback. Here in Brazil, we are suposed to spend R$ 300,00 in a game, our minimal salary is R$ 1.100,00, but if a game is released totally incompleted, with tons of bugs, zero next-gen graphics improvement, and mediocre sounds, you can't complain, because you hurt their feelings, and they star crying. I'm the one supposed to be crying, because my ask for refund
  2. Be careful with this topic, codemaster staff will put you in their blacklist, so they never will see what you post. They just like to read positive thinks, but if you say something like: The game sounds looks garbage, and every year they do the same lazy job, they will block you.
  3. Pity I will never buy another game from you guys. Every year, and every game the same excuses, shame on you bunch of lazies.
  4. Yeah, thank you audio team, for another year with wrong sounds !! Even mods from assetto corsa have waaaaaaay better sound than you. And the best of all, some idiots are here to “congrats”, that after 5 years you add turbo sound in the game, Incredible work !! Now I ask you: why not add the TV mix audio? That’s something that we are asking you since the first F1 game from codemaster. The REAL sound of the cars.
  5. You got your bonus, a 2021 game uncompleted, full of bugs, that freezes your Xbox, and the best is: You payd a full price for another unfinished game !! Congrats for all of us !
  6. Yeah, I can't wait for this
  7. It's not Youtube.... The game is really blurry, on series x too. This is the worst optimization ever.
  8. Hey, what about answer the topics about your unfinished game ? Looks like I’m runnig a Xbox One version, this game is not optimized, why do you lied to us ?
  9. Looks like that as Dirt 5, they will finish the game latter, at least, I hope they improve a lot the graphics.
  10. It’s worse than bad on Series X, it’s a shame
  11. LG OLED55CX... And that's not a hardware / config. problem. It's a bug, or more likely, just another poor job from codemaster. Maybe in 3 month's we get a update, like Dirt 5. And the **** turn in a ****.
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