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  1. i rebooted the pc and it came back to normal, i dont know what was causing it
  2. Rydel95

    The History of the WRC

    Yesterday i found this interesting video about the history of the WRC, hope you guys like it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mewziTaXDJA
  3. I bought dirt 3 in the codemasters weekend on steam and i am having issues with the multiplayer. Everytime i enter the online tab in multiblayer the fps drops alot (from 30 to 5, on the lobby and on the race) making the multiplayer part of the game unplayable. i searched around the web for fixes (forcing directx... read only replays... changing the audio driver...mutting everyone...) but none worked, so i came here asking for some help, any  would be very apreciated, thank you for your time (sorry for any errors in grammar, english is not my native language)