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  1. Yeah, no increase in price (from F1-2020 to F1-2021) in Australia either 👍 I'm really sorry to hear about other regions having to pay so much for F1-2021 😞
  2. Marty_K_

    Who can I follow on YouTube?

    Thank you janbonator, I'll have a look a Jimmy Broadbent. I'll also check your recorded league races highlights too. Thanks mate, Marty
  3. Marty_K_

    Who can I follow on YouTube?

    Hi janbonator, ...commentary and/or just gameplay is good, either way. I'd enjoy watching League Racing at 50%. Actually, I never thought of watching League Racing. I think that would be great, especially when you guys are racing against like-minded people 👍
  4. Marty_K_

    Need Help

    Might be a long shot but,... If you're using a Logitech G29 Wheel, it has a history of the accelerator potentiometers "spiking", ...meaning that you won't achieve constant full speed when pressing down to full throttle (hence why other cars are 10-15kmh faster than you on the straights). Over the years I have had three (3) Logitech G29s do this. It is very frustating, and it completely ruins the racing experience. You can temporarily fix this with spraying Contact Cleaner on to the (accelerator) potentiometer (see YouTube). I can't wait to upgrade to the Fanatec Wheel & Pedals.
  5. Marty_K_

    Who can I follow on YouTube?

    Long story, short. I can't go home because of COVID-19 Restictions, and I probably wont get home until the end of the year, ...so I can't buy, or play F1-2020. But what I want to do is watch others with F1-2020, ...in particular those that: * Do Career Mode (My Team), * Race 100%, and * Race in Cockpit View. All of the YouTubers that I've seen mostly do 25% races, and are nearly always racing in TV-Pod view. Until I can get back home, can any of you guys, and girls, recommend someone that I can follow on YouTube, that does 100% races (with My Team - Career), and races in Cockpit View, to get my F1-2020 fix please? Your assistance is greatly appreciated, and kind regards, Marty
  6. Great job Mobcat, and I really like your abovementioned suggestions regarding the AI 👍 Fingers crossed 🤞
  7. Marty_K_

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    ...one thing I HAVE to say, is to @Striker_703. Despite all that has been said here. ...I have no right to offer a Character Assassination to you here on this forum. Sorry mate; this should never happen. I still don't like your condescending posts, or the lack of grammar, but those are not for me to get upset about, and to respond inappropriately. Apologies.
  8. Marty_K_

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Okay, THAT'S IT!. I can't stand it any longer.... Sincere apologies to all, but I'm at my wits end with this. I'm not one to "BIG NOTE", but one chap here does it ALL the time, ...and he continues to be condescending to others here, and now it's getting ridiculous. I hate to say it, ..but I have two (2) Degrees, from two (2) different Universities, and a person of your stature with one (1) Degree should at least be able to spell. The logic behind my (this) post will be revealed in bold below. A Degree Qualified person will definitely know the difference between there, they're and their. Or two, to, and too. And what is it with your Footer Brag Biography? Your favourite consul racer.... WHAT? ...Your favourite "distinguished member of government" racer???? Did you mean to say console, as in XBOX or PlayStation??? And if you really love Touring Car games (as per your Footer Bio) you'll know that there is no such thing as TOCO Touring Cars. *** is that? Did you mean TOCA Touring Cars? These simple grammatical oversights, and your posts, have lost me. You now hold absolutely no credibility with me. I really appreciate all of the time & effort that you've devoted to your testing. However, it seems flawed in someway, because in career mode the AI kicks-arse in the Wet, plain & simple. Or, after 20+ years as a console F1 racer, I truly am a pathetically slow F1 Gamer in the wet.
  9. Marty_K_

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    There IS something wrong with the AI in the wet. I've been racing these F1 games with PlayStation (nearly 20 years), and a wheel (the last 10 years), and with F1-2019, in comparison to previous F1 games, I've noticed that the AI are wrong. How wrong? They're wrong because they're absolutely perfect in the wet. The AI don't spin, they don't lock-up, they never go off the racing line, they're faster in a straight line; ...they are brilliant, perfect, in the wet. That's what is wrong. It's unrealistic. I'm very competitive (with the AI) in dry conditions, but I'm no slouch in the wet either. But in F1-2019, …..I get absolutely blown-away by the AI, in both methods (see below) that I've run. Wheel: Logitech G29 PAST CURRENT AI: 90 AI: 60 View: T-Cam View: Cockpit Assists: TC (med), and ABS Assists: Nil Just my unprofessional opinion regarding my personal experience with these F1 games over a number of years.
  10. Marty_K_

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    This just happened exactly the same for me too. Battling with the top 3 for most of the race, then the rain came, then the AI blew past me. I also lost interest and crashed out 😖 (@Faya, Logitech G29, No Assists, Cockpit View, 100% Distance, AI Difficulty set at 60).