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    F1 2019 Next Patch Wishes

    After playing the new F1 game since release and after a couple of Updates, here are a few things that needed to be fixed or at least it would be great, if they come true: 1. AI needs to be adjusted in the wet, as i read in some discussions earlier. I'm a console Player, so i have the traction control full on. The amount of time I loose when I stab on the throttle is ridiculous. Before the Patch for the AI, I was not the quickest out track but at least I had a decent pace, after the Update I'm the slowest car on track at the same difficulty level as before. 2. The Sound of the Red Bull Honda sounds ingame the same as the Toro Rosso Honda, but if you hear it in real life (on TV), they didn't sound the same and like last year's gamer, I want that special sound of the Honda and the Mercedes Engine when you're lifting/rolling. That's still missing. 3. According to the News of the Driver Switch from Albon and Gasly, I would appreciate it, if you take Red Bull Racing in Grand Prix Mode and you can choose between Verstappen, Gasly and Albon or you take Toro Rosso and you can choose between Kvyat, Albon and Gasly and the game automatically adjusts itself, if you choose Albon at Red Bull, Gasly automatically races for Toro Rosso or if you choose Verstappen, Albon races alongside him in the Red Bull and Gasly at Toro Rosso. So I would like the possibility to have the Option of choosing between those 3 Drivers, because the all have raced or will race for Red Bull this year.