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  1. IvanoZ023


    Every racing game has VR support except for the licensed F1 which is pretty frivolous. Xbox x it doesn't even matter.
  2. IvanoZ023


    Finally, this console will be able to play VR seamlessly.There is no excuse this time
  3. IvanoZ023

    New Developer Liaison

    F1 is the only driving game that does not have VR support. That's ridiculous.
  4. IvanoZ023

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    In TT mode it works great while in a career completely different.
  5. IvanoZ023

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    I retired my T150 and bought a t300 which is noticeably better. But I have a problem with force feedback which is sometimes strong and mostly light (ps4) With other games I don't have these problems.
  6. IvanoZ023

    Race start

    Most important is the reflexes on the start lights.
  7. IvanoZ023

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    I had a problem with Baku last year. I'm driving on 101% and I never change it, let it be how it is, maybe I improve. This year Baku is ok to me My problem this year is France AI killed me, last year I didn't have that problem.
  8. IvanoZ023

    Unrealistic simulation of quali

    For me, the qualifications are much harder than PP and race.
  9. IvanoZ023

    AI too careless during overtake.

    When you go side by side they always close the door. It has to be a bit ahead to leave you space.That's wrong.
  10. IvanoZ023

    Handling Model + AI

    2018 101% 2019 98%
  11. That's how I did it, it's great.
  12. Unfortunately I have no F1 rim. He has more buttons. I have standard T150 rim Ps4 buttons.
  13. IvanoZ023

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Time trial or career?
  14. IvanoZ023

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    No, that's the best I can, otherwise I will not be able to catch time in practice. I'm talking about real life, the difference is 2.5 sec.