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  1. So I spent about 12 hours making a 10 minute video. Hopefully someone enjoys it😅

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Void faMMUS - Xbox One


    Same here. Seems to be a problem mainly on Xbox, though, some people have gotten it.
  4. 1. In My Team Mode, Parc Ferme rules don't apply to the race. I can change my strategy, and tire selectuons throughout the field are random. For example, I can't change my starting tire, but the tire is not the one I used in Q2, which also applies to the entire field. 2. 1.01 3. My Team 4. I have disabled and enabled it 3 times with a session in between changes. I'm at round 7 now, and the problem persists 5. Disabling and reenabling the setting multiple times. 6. Gamepad

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    It's a shame that you can't change your number, but may I have the proof?  

    A lot of questions.... Here are the answers

    alonsofan46 said: HennoGarvie said: It is useful, every user on pc can have telemetry so it's your own fault for buying a console, codemasters are never going to do it, it doesn't appeal to their audience of casual gamers. After having used telemetry I find it's not too helpful, sure you can see where you are slow but it will only make up a tenth or so on a good lap. It also doesn't  tell you when to put the throttle on either, it shows you your past laps, so it doesn't show you how to go faster it just shows how you did it best. And THIS is what gives PC gamers a bad reputation. How is it their fault ? Maybe they don't like PC gaming and would prefer a console experience. Don't try and look down on people just for using a console instead of a PC. And to get a Xbox 360 or PS3 for 3x less than a good PC, with the same graphics is insane? I think not!

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Alright, the 4GB console buyers might hate me, and you may have your own opinion, but why just go with one disk? Like Forza 4 or Batllefield 3 or GTA 5, more disks, more abilities. for heck sakes, make it three disks if you have to. We all want the full experience! What I also feel is needed is the ability to choose your favroute driver to display in the main menu. Like you choose your driver and in the main menu he stands with his helmet under his arm next to his car. 2nd of all. I'm directly refering to FIFA 14. Put in an option where you can follow up on the current F1 standings, resaults etc. doesn't matter which season it is. I would personaly like a simulate mode. Like in F1 2005's TV mode, where you choose a race and laps and the console drives the car following performence facts. It would be nice to see a full weekend in this mode! More wheel to wheel racing like Rosberg and Hamilton at Bahrain 2014. AI tire wear. (if there is, I havn't noticed) Voice commands over headset. Pre-Season testing.(It would be helpful if you can ENABLE or DISABELE this. Podium and more cut-scenes I like the current non-RPG game, but interviews would be awesome(you can answer by reading one of the answers that you give us.) if you do bring back interviews, do F1 2010's interview room one with POST-Quali and race interviews. To choose your own number. Something amaizing would be new drivers coming in to F1 and signing with teams and other drivers to move teams and retire. I know this would be hard due to licensing, but EA did it brilliantly in their FIFA games. A longer career that starts you at the age of 20 or higher, the player can choose, to about 36 when you retire, or you can retire by using an option. A career that puts you with a real driver would be cool, like normal career without you. Swap teams etc. In career over a period of time the races change slots, like China becomes the last race, and some fall out and can be replaced by classic tracks or classic tracks can join over seasons to make it more than 19 races. That is all I can thing of now, but if I can get any agreements or something like that please comment or quote this one. Thanks

    Codemasters please read!

    OK, so all the fuzz around F1 2014 is the next-gen consoles. I think alot of the F1 series fans would agree that they want the game but can't afford XBOX ONE os Playstation 4. Please Codemasters, even if you need to cut things like manual pit-stops from the game due to memory, please bring F1 2014 to XBOX 360 and Playstation 3.

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    This might not be on everyone's wishlist but I would like to see: More Classic cars, tracks and drivers, and please try to get the license to McLaren and Ayrton Senna The ability to edit team and driver info, this will keep the stats up to date. If this idea is used, in MY F1, put a reset option in to reset the driver and team stats to the origanal state Helmet design, please! Better chance of safety car. The ability to pick your own number(obviously). Paired with this, the name of the driver and his nationality should change when driving for the team in career. After-race highlights to show all the retirements and action of other drivers as well as yourself. Costimize your main menu, like choose your favroute team to display in the menu or leaave it so that the console choses the car everytime. More and better cut scenes like the podium or the warm up lap, but I would like to see a better reaction after winning the championship For something new I would really like that if they, in career, put in another few options. I have in mind that they let you choose your DOB. With this the driver can brake records. In the career hub there should be a hub that shows all the F1 records, as the players breaks them, they are updated to his name, like: Youngest point scorer: Sebastian Vettel. (After the race the player brakes the record and it should now say) Youngest point scorer: Player One. That is all I would like to see added to F1 2014.