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  1. ShahRiyaadh16

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    I read the comments. Btw with FOM I am fully aware of the things they can place in F1 games etc (most of it), but yeeehhh. Just blast some random ideas for next year games ???. 
  2. ShahRiyaadh16

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Codemasters have created yet another unique game to add to their franchise. Formerly quoted as “the best F1 game to date.”  Codemaster has created a spectacular game with the help of its new  features, the return of the interviews, the development of the R and D tree, the development of classic cars, the graphics, the visibility enhancement and so forth. All of these elements have made this F1 2018 game amazing.  However, with every game there’s always room for improvement. In this discussion I will be stating a few ideas for the next F1 2019 game and I hope some of you reading will be able to give ideas to improve the franchise.  - Story mode, starting at go karts and making your way up through the categories (F4, British F3, European F3, F2 and F1). Gives a real life style feature of working hard, in order to get to the top.  - Crashes need to be slightly more realistic  - New and more realistic TV cameras when viewing or reviewing a race etc - New and more realistic TV camera views of the introduction to a practice, qualifying and race session.  - The people need to be more realistic, maybe EA sports can help. This year compared to last year it was pretty bad. Daniel Riccardo does not look like Daniel Riccardo on this years game. - The return of Thursday press conferences   - Being able to roam around the paddock area  - Being able to interact with other drivers whether it be on the track parade, paddock or racing facility  - The introduction of team orders, if your not in a world championship position or your driver number 2 you will be told to move over. It will hugely effect the atmosphere of the team, factory and it might effect the R and D’s, whether you decide to let your teammate by or keep yourself infront of your teammate - Marshals actually come out and clean out the debris instead of it disappearing - More analytical information such as, steering angle, speed across a corner, graphs and so forth  - Introduction of in game commentary for various languages. So like if you select your language as Spanish you will have Spanish reporters etc.  - More enthusiasm from the commentators, they sound dull compared to real life commentary  - Be able to open DRS fully. The DRS has two open flaps. One is at like 45 degrees let’s say and the other is at 90 degrees - Punctures need to be more realistic, they need to delaminate first then blow up and then shred - More first lap incidents  - Along with those rare big crashes in every session whether it be in the practice, qualifying or race session  - Be able to get sponsored or be sponsored and as a result gain in R and D points - Manually enter the pits  - Manually drive into your pit box - Be able to vary engine modes - Winter testing and in season testing. Not only would it enhance the performance of the car but potentially next year or next season the car could be at the back due to the amount of R and D points you have at the end of the season and so forth.  These are some of ideas that I had. I still have more but I want to be able to read other people’s idea.