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  1. Why does it now feel like im driving a yacht on the pad now? It was perfect to begin with and now it's absolutely awful.
  2. boothy1243

    Option to not change tyre

    As someone that makes a fair amount of mistakes but races in a league it would be nice if the option to not change tyres in a pitstop was available. You could easily add it to the Change Front Wing setting to Wing Only or Tyre Only or Both etc. When your 2 laps into a 50% race i don't need new tyres (admittedly people that actually qualifying in the top 10 would change them)
  3. boothy1243

    Learning to drive with all Assists off

    Just drive around monaco til you hit nothing. Brakes wise keep it below 60%
  4. Schedule to be TBC based on amount of sign ups If interested come to here. https://consoleracing.boards.net
  5. With F1 2014 having set number of gear ratios for the season which by the sounds of it is being implemented into the games career mode. Will this be carried online in the game obvious it would be hard to do but expecting CM to give you 2 short, 1 medium & 2 long gears or will it just be free reign with setup as usual?  Thanks,  If anyone knows  :)
  6. It appears we were wrong, CM have locked the gears online on the Japanese version  :(