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  1. BobtheMagicMoos

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    I have to agree with Episode666... you shouldn't sell something that is broken. If I purchase something, I expect it to work. True, it was a great game - but that does not overcome the fact that it is entirely unplayable (I haven't gotten any of the 'fixes' to work). It may also be more to blame GFWL, but that was a risk ya'll took as developers - not us customers. I'm not angry, I just think it unfortunate that this snafu is unnecessarily tarnishing the codemasters and dirt brands. A steamworks version was announced almost a year ago, and no progress seems to be made. It is strange to place such a low-priority on a remedy for such a high-priced and well-regarded game. Perhaps a progress update besides "we're working on it" would help assuage fears that this project won't become vaporware.