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  1. @ flash OK....punk. You had been doing it for all 3 years when Grid MP was active - using all kinds of hacks, ramming, creating false aliases and writing lies about me and my friends. Now u probably wish, u havent spent that time on doing such crap, don't u? Instead having fun when it lasted. Guess who's laughing now :) While me and my friends had a blast u were conspiring with the same narrow minded schizos. In steam u wud be kicked nice and easy and u wud never come back so thats why u dont come here.  U wanna bury the hatchet with me? LOL What about BS faked youtube movies about
  2. As always, you talking crap. GAS is not dead. I can play whenever i want for hours with good and fair players. Pll that are not hackers like you. I'm really glad you think that way, coz that makes u stay away from this game. I actually prefer GAS coz of Steam which doesnt allow idiots like u to create false identities, apply hacks and pretend they are someone else they want to put shame on.
  3. Yeah, still alive and kicking with some friends some days when i have time for gaming ;) Actually, in my opinion, Codies left the game at a stage where i can live with it. Don't care about RN, what hackers do there, or about IA. I just need servers to be online ;) I can always find fast and fair players, even if it means 1on1 for some time. Last night had loads of fun. Did some hypers, after that some tuned, at the end switched to touring classics.  After spending already lotsa hours in GAS i will dare to say that i prefer it over Grid 1 : ) It' a much deeper game than G1 with more
  4. Hello m8:) That AI bug happens from time to time. Codies wont fix it coz they've stopped supporting GAS.  Solution: avoid racing with AI :) Nice to hear that u back in the biz (probably) ;) There is a bunch of fast and fair players racing on a daily basis. Even some G1 old faces. I unfortunately didn't have lotsa time lately but when i see u, i'll join u for some door2door cat C action:)  Cheers
  5. That is bad news Loore. Sad to see you go as you were our only real link to Devs.  I strongly believe that thanks to your efforts to use our feedback we got GAS - the real and worthy Grid successor. Seeing and hearing what is happening with Codies (which i believe started in 2009 when crucial stuff leaving was for Playground Games, now the news about layoffs), after the Grid 2 debacle, you gave us awesome GAS. Probably one of the most underestimated games of last years - 78% on Metacritic, even less than G2, cmon! Good luck in your future carrier m8. BTW: who's gonna swing the ban hamm
  6. The entirely wrong conclusion therefore would be to shut this series down, or move back towards the style of Grid 2 (which is more popular online).   Your data is outdated. According to steam: * G2 - 800 * GAS - almost 1200 playing atm. Christmas sales helped i guess.  PC version of the game is generally working flawlessly online.  Let's hope it stays that way and player's base will rise in next few months.
  7. Looks like you also threat it seriously - caring about your "fastest rep" etc. Yes it's a game, that i spend some time on. And i want to spend that time without dealing with BS ppl. On fair racing. When there are real ppl involved it is actually reality event don't you think? It's real ppl vs real ppl but with different tools. Actually as a roof/hood/incar cam user, i feel like i'm inside the car and when i'm getting unexpectedly t-boned full speed by some idiot, and when the whole screen shakes from it, the impact really messes up with my aging brain and heart. Maybe you chase cam users don'
  8. You have the wrong Charger, you are referring to me and I told you that I had a word with my team member but as I said I cannot physically stop anyone doing what they want, he took issue with you and I have no idea why as he normally is clean but hey ho it was weeks ago. I knew NWRCharger and you wasn't the same person, when i was asking him if we had met before. NWR is an xbox team not pc. Although I had that 1% doubt if maybe your the same guy - coz of the same explanations you were giving me when your guy was crashing me without the reason. I actually wondered if u read that and comment
  9. So it's ok for your team member to ram other players for a good laugh? I thought your motto is to "take pride in clean racing"? Hypocrisy, isn't it? I don't expect it of RTA (or his mates) coz he is pride of his ramming skills. But at least his honest.
  10. I find it funny how team leaders suddenly "forget" about their "clean" ethics when they are not able to control their dirty team members. Explanations are always the same: "he is an adult", "i'm not his dad".... etc.  Rules are on the paper, reality is that it's enuf to race clean few against other members. If one is crashing other ppl it is called having a laugh. Only thing that counts is to have bigger number of members.  Maybe it's just me but i always expect from team members the higher quality of racing, since all teams advertise themselves as clean. So ..... Charger, haven't w
  11. Skaputnik, did you download latest free Derby DLC?
  12. You right, you have no idea how GAS' MP looks and works. 
  13. You wrong. In GAS u can easily win races with stock cars. Actually, IIRC, in G2 it was hard for new players to earn money to buy cars and upgrades which had much bigger impact on performance. In GAS upgrades dont work (which is good) and tunning is not that big of a deal. BTW, it's 66% off for GAS and number of players has risen since and its bigger than G2's atm. Seems like only thing that matters is a price.
  14. Don't listen Codies. You can publish GAS 2 for PC anytime, as soon as possible. Just add text chat, spectating mode, some more tracks and cars :)
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