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  1. Enlighten us about everything!          
  2. And is the wall made of kebabs?         
  3. Things we haven’t used: “left 90” “13” Second half of “/HlxyY.FgEvjo2” “Monday & Tuesday: Appointment Wednesday to Friday: 6PM to 4AM Saturday & Sunday: 6PM to 6AM”
  4. With some small tweaks to the DiRT 4 parameters it would have beaten DiRT Rally hands down. There were some small things, especially with the older RWD cars, that weren't perfectly dialed in and those things had quite a big impact on the feel of it all. RX proves that the physics engine is good. But having a good physics engine doesn't mean that all cars drive perfectly out of the box. You also need a lot of data so you can configure the cars the right way and extract everything from the physics. But I'm confident that Codies have learned a lot from it. If they can collect data as well as the
  5. I have made a full recovery from the rick roll debacle so I'm ready, choo chooo! Ooh and don't forget it's the SimRacing Expo this weekend as well (starts today) so an apology in the form of some news or a teaser would be more than welcome. :D
  6. Well, you know how gamers be, we cheat our way to the top! :D
  7. It must mean that one of us was going into the right direction about the next game, it’s distraction 101! :D
  8. I feel empty :'(                               
  9. Lol http://gossippizza.com/mastavonblasta.html
  10. I am quite certain I've extracted all artifacts from the image. I've edited them to only show the missing pixels (so it's easier on the eyes lol). Here they are in order from left to right, row by row. The final artifact on the second row consists of two pixels, a space, and another two pixels so I assume those four pixels are one artifact. And on row 1, artifacts 1 & 2 were right next to each other and artifacts 4 & 5 were right next to each other. Not sure if that's relevant. I like to think they were best buddies!             
  11. There are 4 rows on the image with artifacts in them. First you have 5 artifacts in a row, spread out from from left to right, then a row of 3, a row of 6 and a row of 4. So before we go ahead and decipher each artifact maybe those numbers are already enough to get us somewhere.
  12. Do the numbers 5-3-6-4 mean anything to anyone?
  13. Can we pass all hurdles and release Kebab The Game now?
  14. Yeah was about to post the same thing. How do we interpret this?
  15. Or UK time. Might be showing the static image while the place is closed, and it changes to something else from 6pm UK time.
  16. Yeah :(                                                         
  17. http://gossippizza.com/s1e22b.html       
  18. Most important info I think is: phone number: +46 (49)7 - 101 - 7891 Opening times: Monday & Tuesday: "appointment" Wednesday to Friday: 6pm - 4am Saturday & Sunday: 6pm - 6am Messages you got when you mail them: "On holiday until the 13th" "Left 90" "/HlxyY.FgEvjo2" If you take the first part of that last message (/HlxyY) and use that with https://goo.gl/ it returns http://jbcffcjb.grabwhileucan.info/ Other than that there were some references to Petter Solbergs career (first win in 2002, WRC title in 2003, WRX title in 2014) Ooh, and now that you've dug around in the ser
  19. hmm that doesn't really return anything useful either.
  20. Tried the phone number to page numbers theory. So taking parts of the phone number, use them as page numbers and then taking the first word on each page. From "+46 (49)7 - 101 - 7891" I took "46" and "(49)7" to go to pages 46 and 497 and the first word from each of those pages are "the" and "wait". "The wait"? That got me optimistic! Page 101 returns "Codemasters" and page 7891 does not excist. As @JorritVD mentioned 101 is the 26th prime number. Page 26 returns "Would". Not sure if this is going anywhere. :D
  21.                             mad
  22. I didn't miss it, I just don't know what to do.  :D Is it me, or has http://gossippizza.com been taken down already? I'm getting a landingpage from the webshost.
  23. Didn't he do Turkey in 06?              
  24. Yeah that DLC thought is a good one. Would be nice to see some post launch support.
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