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  1. Xbox One X is a lot more powerful than the PS4 Pro, so it’s a given that the X build looks better. What is strange however is that the PS4 Pro doesn’t even get a bump to 1440p. I guess they couldn’t get that steady at 60hz.
  2. And that’s probably why some cars in some games just feel wrong visually.
  3. But... but... it was the gearbox being the toddler. It refused to go in gear so the car was not being pushed out enough causing him to clip the rock. 😅
  4. Problem is, they took the forums offline for a long time just before launch, and now a lot of the core community is on Discord.
  5. It's a big step forward for sure, but still nowhere near the level it needs to be. That's the thing. DR1 for me was so bad on tarmac that even a 100% improvement on those physics brings it to 40% of where it needs to be. So if this was a big step we need 3 more big steps. 🙂 But yeah that's my opinion. If others can enjoy the tarmac stages with current tarmac physics that that's great, nothing wrong with that. 🙂
  6. To be honest, I actually don’t want any tarmac rallies to be added with the current tarmac physics. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy then as much as any other loose surface rally, event though tarmac is my favorite surface irl rallying.
  7. Christina confirmed it is the Hatchback on Discord.
  8. I like how Christina posts something here on the forums, then she also posts it on Discord and then members go ahead and post screenshots here from the Discord post. 😄
  9. I think a European title bid would have been way more expensive than a season in the USA. Added the fact that the USA side pretty much has no competition he can grow and make mistakes while still taking podium finishes, which will look very good when they approach potential sponsors and partners for 2020.
  10. Wow wow wow, evyrbody knows you never go full enhance.
  11. Wow good find. It’s in the background, very faint.
  12. Yeah my opinion as well. It will be awesome to drive these stages again with the new effects and features found in DR2.0, but I'm afraid that the season 1 stages are going to last a fraction of the time the base game stages will last, because we already know them so well.
  13. Good luck in that little tunnel as well.
  14. I would like that to happen when I click on the topic name itself.
  15. On a stage by stage basis, from scratch, it’s the same amount of work indeed. However, doing a completely new location like Kenya requires two stages to be build from scratch. The question is, what would be more work at this point? Creating two stages from scratch, or creating one stage from scratch and transform two older stages to DR2.0 level. Might be the same amount of work overall, but that depends on how much work it is to get DR1 stages on DR2.0 level
  16. Seeing the old stages with all the new features would be great for sure, but I'm not sure if a whole lot of people would be up to paying for just old content. You risk having just a small DR core group buying into that and then have season 3/4 stripped. But a mix would be perfect, get the two old long stages and add one new long stage. Hopefully that's within the limits of what Codies can do with their time. 🙂 Come to think of it, if they would add DR1 rally locations with one extra stage, I would actually be fine with an expansion pack for the DR2.0 launch rally locations down the line,
  17. It’s steering with 4 wheels.            
  18. Well, in all the rally titles build by Codies ever, the tarmac physics were floaty and it looked like the rear was steering. So when it looks like the rear is steering in 2.0 it’s easy to expect it to feel that way again as well.
  19. Still working :blush:                                                       
  20. Didn’t know it been so long? :o That’s a shame.
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