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  1. bogani said:
    Toe-in at the front gives stability. If you want better turn in you use toe-out. The description in the tuning menu is wrong at the moment. They are aware of that :)
    I haven't looked much at the descriptions, but toe-in at the front gives better turn in. The wheels point inward and when turning in more weight leans on the wheels on the outside, and with toe in the outside wheel is essentially already turning in a bit helping you trough the corner.

    for instability, both too much toe-in and too much toe-out are instable. 

  2. A very effective way against understeer is the toe alignment on the rear. If you put some toe-out on the rear, the rear tires will effectively point towards the outside which makes the rear a looooot looser under load. For example, if you turn left the weight will move to the right. A lot of weight gets on the rear right tire and as that tire is pointing outward it will push the entire rear of the car to the right, creating oversteer.

    you can do the same on the front but inverted, using some more toe-in to have the tires point inward creating more bite on turn in. Too much of either toe-out/in will create some instability though, so don't go too far. Just a single click or 2 will do a lot.

  3. Well it are the gamers themselves who introduced that actually. With social media giving each gamer a voice developers can't just create a game following their own design anymore, they have to follow the playerbase around a little bit as well and give options in diverse area's like these.

  4. Rygar86 said:

    Interesting, is this something the devs have reported? I mean, generated circuits as a future possibilty?

    I'm not sure if they said it's going to be in in the game after D4. They just said that they tried the tech on a landrush style track and it wasn't working as they wanted yet. 

  5. KickUp is the designer on the game and works part time as ultimate boss on the forum as he answers pretty much all questions you shoot at the man.

    As far as the mixed surfaces goes, that has been asked a few times and by now the developers know we want it, but it's not going to be in DiRT 4.

  6. kop9000 said:
    спасибо за ответ.

    у меня есть ещё вопрос не по теме но всё же. помогите мне пожалуйста с регистрацией. я вчера с мобильного телефона регистрировался и похоже при регистрации в емейле указал не верную букву. также я хотел в логине при регистрации написал логин "kop9000" но по какой-то причине я написал "jop9000" сейчас я не могу войти с ноутбука в свой профиль

    по идее у меня должен быть емейл rogueliketboir@gmail.com но похоже я не мог войти сейчас я зарегистрировался вроде правильно но раньше не мог войти. помогите пожалуйста. скажите какую ошибку в емейле я допустил при первой регистрации

    I'm not sure I (or google translate) understand you. Are you trying to create another account on mobile? Or just logging in with the account you are now posting with?

  7. I have used google translator to find out that you're asking if there are any other games with a simmilar function like Your Stage. There are a few games that let you create tracks completely from scratch (Trials and Gran Turismo 6) and some games that just let you create routes (pretty much all open world racers). Your stage doesn't give you a whole lot of control in Dirt 4 but who knows what Your Stage might evolve into in the future.