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  1. @KickUp Could you elaborate a little bit on what version the Space Star R5 exactly is? Year build, prepared by who (Mpart/Dytko Sport/Ralliart), rear wing or nah, stuff like that. I have looked around a bit and there seem to be a few different cars out there and I couldn't really point out which of the Mirages is the 'official' version.

  2. For me it wasn't just the physics that were weird (and imo got worse and worse as the game got closer to launch compared to early on in development) or the controls and FFB being overly complicated to configure right. For me what was a big big problem is the way some of the staff have behaved over time. No need to get into it really, as I'm sure everyone is familiar with the weird banning during early access and blunt rudeness on there.

    And after watching the presentation on pCars 2 last week it just felt weird again. They are presenting stuff, talking about all this great tech. But when I listen to the guy talk it sounds like they are in school doing some assignment they have no affinity with instead of talking about a product they truly love making.

  3. Got some specs together, take a look at the torque. The R5 Skoda is pretty high compared to the S2000 spec Fiesta (which get's it speed from revs, rather then torque). Still lower then the old WRC cars, but given the fact that pretty much everything else has evolved as well (not just responsiveness from the engine, but suspension, brakes, tires etc.) it's not that crazy that the current R5's are up there with the old WRC's.

                                           2001 Ford Focus WRC2003 Skoda Fabia WRC2009 Ford Fiesta S20002015 Skoda Fabia R5
    1,991 cc1,999 cc1,998 cc
    1,620 cc
    300 bhp @ 6,500 rpm
    300 bhp
    280 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
    275 bhp @ 4,750 rpm
    151 bhp / liter
    150 bhp / liter
    140 bhp / liter
    170 bhp / liter
    550 Nm

    260 Nm
    420 Nm
    1,230 kg
    1,230 kg
    1,200 kg
    1,230 kg

  4. tbtstt said:

    Looking at the preview video that was posted, I didn't see any mention of Citroen. The car is listed as "DS3" and the logo on display was the "DS" symbol, not Citroen...

    True. You can interpret the thing in two ways as the car itself was still a Citroën when it was build, even if the logo ingame is something else. But we'll see. I won't say no to a Xsara or C4 if that's what Paul might be hinting at! :p

  5. tbtstt said:
    Damn spammers are persistent, I'll give them that!
    Is there a way for us to "James Veitch" them?
    I'm a member at a Dutch Xbox forum and there was a spam thread about football shirts. When some members reacted for fun the bot reacted back! But that wasn't everything yet. Somehow another spam bot responded in the thread with a 2 page long conversation between two spam bots as a result!  :D Never seen something like that before haha.