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  1. The Oculus Rift is a device that you put on your head and over your eyes. inside this device there are two screens, one for each eye. Also implemented into this device is a motion tracker which tracks all of your head movements. The Rift then sends this information to the game to update the movement of the game camera and the game then renders into the device. So what you have is head tracking device and a screen that's inside of a device that blocks all other lights in one. I have tried it a couple of times with a custom racing simulator and it really is a big improvement for racing simulators!

  2. Achievements that I would not like to see are those regular 'complete this championship' or 'reach level 20' achievements. I guess a couple could be implemented, but not too many. Achievements that I would like to see are achievements that have some real historic moment behind it and some hidden achievements with car + rally specific combinations that only real rally enthusiasts could unlock (or non enthusiasts using a guide hehe).

  3. Developers should be more transparent about the development without giving content away. Instead of giving the full car list away, just pick one car and do a weekly video item on it.

    Week 1, how does licensing work, what does a developer do to prepare, gathering reference material in the form of photo's, video and experience of drivers etc.

    Week 2, scanning and modeling.

    Week 3, first physics set up

    Week 4, sound development

    Week 5, polishing all aspects

    Week 6, the result.

    That way we have some nice material to look at for 6 weeks, the developer gives a cool insight into the development and all that without giving a lot of content away (just one car). As a gamer and an artist it's interesting how different developers work out and implement assets into their projects. :)

  4. Paul has been doing a few real rally's as well so I think they learned a lot from that as far as sounds go. It's always hard to recreate sounds when you don't have experience hearing it in real life for a long time. But being a co driver you get some nice 'sound time' so to speak so I think they will improve on that. :)

  5. Recording sounds late into development is not uncommon. After all, sounds don't need to be balanced in a way that physics or gameplay elements are. Sure all car sounds need to sound great so you can't start at the last minute, but you want to have your game working right before polishing stuff like sound and visuals.