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  1. JorritVD said:
    Little image of the Tyres in DR2.0:

    I read:
    - Tyre compounds / Spare Tyre
    - Tyre Set Changing Remaining 3/5

    Nice spot. In that same shot I’m even more interested in the fact that my man has a 206 WRC model on his desk #NoLionNoBuy.

    But, Uh ooh, do we spot something cryptic there?

    1 = 235
    0 = 0
    0.235 = 60

    Puzzletime? :D

  2. Jepsertti said:
    Areyouben said:
    I’d rather have the R3 class to be honest. Most of them FWD, but quicker, and opens the door for a BRZ R3 as well. We have the historic FWD class to fill up the entry level FWD’s.
    R2 class is a lot more popular than R3. Also no such thing as BRZ R3 exists because the Toyota GT86 CS-R3 is the only car classified to R3 class from the FR-S/BRZ/GT86 lineup and we all know how the relationship between Toyota and Codemasters is.
    We’re getting a Camaro GT4, used for racing on normal circuits, in DR2.0, so there really is no excuse anymore not putting in a fake BRZ R3. :D

  3. juu1ius said:
    Anyone else having trouble logging in via mobile? I accidentally signed out of my account and it wont let me sign back in!
    Yeah I'm having this issue on mobile, can't sign in at all. Also had some trouble on the desktop version occasionally.
    Same here, last two days i'm unable to login on Android.
    I haven't been able to login in the Steam overlay for a few days.
    I can only login by clicking register, both mobile and pc.

  4. Yeah did some DiRT 4 as well this week, did 2 full 12 stage rounds in Australia and Wales in the 2l class (Subaru) and I really tried setting the rear up as loose as possible. There were some parts that flowed vere nicely, but more often I was frustrated by the sudden gain of rear end grip mid corner, with awkward & unsatisfying corner exits

    Can’t wait to see how this feels in 2.0! :)

  5. This is already 2 days old, but it contains one bit of info that wasn't clear yet: http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2018/10/02/interview-how-dirt-rally-2-0-will-answer-the-calls-of-sim-racers/

    Argentina’s, New Zealand, Poland and Australia are what we’ve got for loose surfaces. It was making sure they felt spot on, because the difference you feel between a surface in Poland which is incredibly fine, against Argentina which is incredibly heavy, we wanted to make sure that players were able to feel the differences between those two as well. So yeah, that combines very nicely.

    So Argentina’s, New Zealand, Poland and Australia loose surface. That was obvious, but that leaves USA and Spain. Spain is Tarmac for sure, but USA is either tarmac, or if snow is not considered a loose surface (compact snow) we get snowy USA.

    Nice to have the different DiRTy surface types as well between the loose surface locations.

  6. So you want to spread the VR talk over multiple threads to make it difficult for Codies to follow all the feedback? I think you're not really helping your cause by dividing VR talk over 4 threads. Keep it in a single thread, rack up the posts and blow up the page count on that thread and Codies will see the clear demand. Now your VR posts will get buried below all the gossip and pizza's. That plus multiple small VR threads on the side is not as effective as one big fat VR thread. Besides, chocolate doesn't make me as sick as VR does, so, yeah.

  7. tbtstt said:
    Mention of South Africa followed by a hasty retraction? Was that a slip of the tongue or is there more to that? 

    Confirmation of Supercars, RX2, Super 1600 and Crosskarts for rallycross, though no mention of the Group B cars. Interesting that the line about Supercars wrapped up with "other new cars". Fingers crossed for the Megane!
    We'll probably get South Africa RX in season 1 or 2 I think.