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  1. Sounds like we get actual crashed cars this time. This part in that Dutch article:
    Het viel wel op dat hier en daar een auto uit de bocht was geschoten of tegen een boom aan is gereden.
    translates to:
    What stood out was that in some places on the stage cars were spun off the road or crashed into a tree.

  2. Last question handling wise, just to be absolutely clear. Are you able to initiate some oversteer in turn entry, point the front of the car towards the inside and use that initial positioning of the car to power trough a corner in one clean motion consistently? (instead of having to initiate oversteer two, sometimes three times in order to not understeer into a tree)

    In D4 you were able to do the first half of the gif below. But at the end of this gif the rear would grip more than it should, causing only the front to slide and point the entire car towards the outside. Sometimes that would happen in real life depending on braking input and weight shifting around, but it felt like I didn't get the right result when using the ScanFlick or using the handbrake at all in D4.

    Image result for rally

  3. Yeah I agree, Oculus and Sony are not going to fund like that. A company I did some artwork for had been chasing investments from Oculus a few years back, with a VR only project, and it was impossible to get trough that. So an investment for a project that’s not even VR only, or a certain VR brand exclusive, is not very realistic. Same as Xbox not funding when the project comes to PS4 as well.

  4. Yeah I’m kinda tired of this VR talk as well. It’s always so toxic (on other forums as well). I understand the passion, but show that towards the devs, not towards your fellow simracers. As far as simracers go there’s just not that much more to talk about is there? VR is cool, but it’s not coming at launch, there is somewhat of a demand, but not enough to justify 100k to 200k investment to implement it.

    Man, problem with today’s world is that no way in hell you can fall into two groups at the same time. You say A, well you must hate B! I prefer triplescreens over VR for screen clarity and I happen to understand why VR is not coming at launch because I’m a developer as well, but that doesn’t make me a VR hater. It’s like you are either black lives mather or pro police, or all in for Formula 1 or MotoGP. It’s like you’re automatically a hater of one if you say you like the other. Can’t we respect both? Can’t we like both? <3

  5. I would rather have 2 or 3 extra early era WRC cars over more R5's as that's my absolute favorite era. We only have a 2001 Focus WRC and a 2001 Impreza WRC in DR & D4, but for the R5 class we have the Polo and C3 confirmed and they'll probably add the Fiesta, I20 and 208 again (if licensing allows).

    If they can add the Peugeot 206, SEAT Córdoba and Citroën Xsara (or any of the others) we'll have 5 R5's and 5 early WRC's. :smiley:

  6. It's not just a mather of slapping on that script and everything works as intended. The EGO tech has changed, things have been added, things have been updated, things have been removed or replaced. That means that slapping on that script and start rendering DiRT Rally 2.0 in VR might work, but in a very rough form. You need to test every aspect of the engine to ensure that it all works. For example you'll get issues with the z-index of new shaders and materials if things are changed there, you'll get issues with depth buffer if they changed stuff with that, you'll get issues with a lot of other technical things. After testing all that you need to change some technical aspects of the visual side of the EGO engine in order to support VR and then you have to test test test. And then you need to optimize, because all the things that have been added, like the particle and gfx work urgaffel did, might work well on traditional screens, but particles ofen suck in VR, they can do strange things, so they might break or perform bad in VR. So then you need extra time in order to fix that and then test that again to ensure all is good.

    So, yeah, they could slap on the same code they had in DiRT Rally, and they might have VR working, kinda. But they need to test, implement, test, change, test, re-implement, work work work work work work. It's just not a mather of clicking a few buttons. :(

    The VR market share is already quite small. Then the people within that market that also play simracing titles you'll get an even smaller group, a lot smaller than the FFB steering wheel market share. It's no excuse to never start implementing VR, and as I said, I would love to see it, I'm sure Codies would love to see it also, it's just not something they can do with 5 button clicks so they have to prioritize.

    In short, I'll quote somebody from the dev team. He said:
    urgaffel said:
    Making things work in VR involves almost every discipline, it's not just "1-2 weeks for one experienced programmer".