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  1. Definately a Solberg game as I thought. Mills is in the game as a codriver, Solberg his 2018 RX car got scanned, they describe both his rally and RX titles. Let’s get it!

    Explore it yourself first, but this is what I was able to extract from plain text:

    Home page:

    - Possibly a focus on the 2002 rally era and up
    - Presentation might go back to CMR2.0 style

    About page:

    - Possibly a focus on the 2002 rally era and up
    - Focus on both “regular” and sim?
    - An even bigger focus on car service
    - Focus on Solberg’s career, both Rally and RX

    Contact page:

    - S1 E22B confirmed!

  2. Definitely a new mystery to solve! Go to http://gossippizza.com, it says:

    “We offer our clients no range of dining options, and with the ability to handle upto 2.0 customers at a time, we are perfectly capable of catering at your wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and so much more!”

    2.0? :D :D

    Ooh god, look at the address details as well haha.

  3. Accro2008 said:
    kheiro said:
    No codies WRC 


    No confirmation anywhere via that link on who has the licence. the pictures used are from the wrc website (taken during the autosport show)  and the WRC official game page are giving the same anwsers as before in the comments :

    "Stay tuned for more information coming soon on that, Karl. We know you're eager to hear more and appreciate your patience."

    Source of the pictures here : https://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/about-wrc/rally-cars/citroen-ds3-wrc/page/795-18667-795--.html

    It's just a random post, maybe I'm missing something ?

    You're are missing that Kylotonn shared that post.

  4. Open world like that isn't going to happen any time soon, but it would be cool to have the end part (where you drive to the marshal after the finish) extended 2 or 3 times and maybe have something like a kilometer of road before the stage so you have to drive up to the stage and line your car up yourself.

  5. Caption says ”Sainz, Loeb and McRae, 2003.”. That’s the year that Solberg became WRC champion. And in that year Phil Mills was his co-driver, the Phil Mills who visited Codies a few weeks back to work on co-driver stuff for a new unanounced Rally game.

    My “Solberg: The Game” theory intensifies! :smiley:

  6. If BigBen has the licence, why V-Rally 4 doesnt have any WRC Location (less resources to make a game, just use some old WRC 7 locations mixing them with the new ones) or any WRC Car ;) , they just dont want to win money? Lol
    I have never worked on any licensing stuff so can't talk from direct experience. But if Bigben had the license I could imagine that WRC content is only allowed to be used in official WRC products, which V-Rally 4 is not. Might be the same as F1 cars not being in Grid Autosport while Codemasters had the license for multiple years when Grid Autosport came out.

  7. If I had to guess what kind of project we'll get next, everything points to an even bigger involvement of Solberg. Maybe some sort of Petter Solberg game? I mean we had him come in for the DiRT 4 Rallycross physics, we had Codemasters do fresh 3D scans of the current Polo RX a few weeks back and most noticeably the Phil Mills in the studio thing. Then there are the rumors that the WRC license is still with Bigben, which would make this plausible.

    Maybe the Phil Mills thing is not just to have an experienced co-driver in, but it's all for something like Petter Solberg: The Game. He has been successful in both Rally and Rallycross, which ties in perfectly with the kind of content we've seen in DR & D4. Hopefully we'll get more of the early 2000 WRC cars. The 2003 season had Peugeot, Ford, Subaru, Hyundai, Skoda, Citroën and some none manufacturer Mitsubishi's. I got my popcorn pan heating up alright. :)

  8. To be honest I find realistic games a lot easier than arcade games. In rFactor I can move the wheel and use the pedals and the car does what you expect it to do, where as with an arcade game the car doesn’t move like your input would suggest, same input, different feedback.