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  1. Yeah indeed. Someone posted a few days ago that the DiRT World Championships could be Codies way of showing they are involved in eSports, and a way to prepare for a future project and look into ways of doing such a thing. Looking at how WRC series has it's own eSports championship each year as well, that's an interesting thought.

  2. Could be that they were working on DiRT 4 and got the WRC license (or started negotiations) mid development of DiRT 4. That could explain the rushed feeling loads of people got. Your Stage not feeling complete, rally handling not feeling complete (literally not enough time with real divers to consult is what they said), various features not feeling complete, some features not implemented (leagues & VR to name a few) and I think the game was still running on the older EGO tech compared to F1.

    If I'm honest, I never understood why DiRT 4 released so soon after DiRT Rally. Why didn't they go all out with the project, implemented more of what people have been asking for since DiRT 3 (2011) and aim for a 2017 Q4 or 2018 Q1 release? If you look at it like that it could all add up, rushing DiRT 4 in order to start a 2018/19 WRC project. It would explain Kylotonn doing V-Rally 4, it would explain DiRT 4 not being complete and it would definitely explain the silence we've had post launch.

  3. Based on team size, development on the next game usually starts a few months before the current project. WRC7 came out in September 2017, V-Rally development probably started early 2017. Starting with design work (Pretty much Paul Coleman's job) which is working on a big wish list, modes, functions, features, cars, locations, everything you'd like to have for the next game. Then as artists end their assignments for the current projects they become available for the next project. Same for the sound department. Programmers are a bit different as they tend to stick around a bit longer, so you might split them into multiple crews. Sso have some programmers stick around for the current project to do QA, fix things and develop some patches. And then some others that'll start mocking up some technical things for the next project. So as Kylotonn started designing their next project probably early 2017, they've known about the license for a long time now.

    Same for DiRT4 and DiRTNext, they've probably been working on DiRTNext for about a year or so now, including the very first designing things.

  4. They could just fix the car difficulty thing by locking all cars above a certain speed/difficulty until you can make it go round under a certain lap time. Let's say you want to unlock the Lotus 98T, you go to the, uhm, let's call it invitations mode or whatever, where you get 'invited' to do a run in the car. You can make that feel as some publicity stuff and make the car unlock a 'reward', where in reality it would be a check to see if you can drive the beast. You go in and have to do a certain lap time on a certain track. As soon as you hit the lap time you unlock that vehicle to use throughout the game. Easy way of rewarding skill without forcing the grind if you've already collected the skills in previous games.

  5. dirt3joe said:
    I'm sure it wouldn't stop them if that's what they wanted to do. But why the hell would you buy 25% of a racing studio to then go and outsource production to another ? Makes no sense. It's the kind of thing you might do if you had a short deadline that you couldn't keep. But Kylotonn already have a signifincant proportion of the assets. WRC 7 to WRC 8 is nowhere near the step creating WRC5 from scratch was. That's a tough job for anyone given the timescales.

    Yeah I agree. Only thing is, I can't really see a single dev create both games. I'm sure Kylotonn can do WRC and V-Rally with the 120 people strong team they have, but all within the same year? V-Rally comes September, so when should WRC release? 2019? Are they skipping a year? Questions questions.

  6. That shouldn’t necessarily form a problem I think. As long as they keep their release windows apart they could excist under the same publisher, even if one is (partly owned) by them. If I’m right Turn10 is owned by Microsoft, whereas Playground is a bit more independent. But they both have games released by MS.

  7. Some random V-Rally 4 notes

    - Rally locations confirmed in Kenya and Sequoia Park (forest in California).
    - Rallycross with 8 cars on track.
    - Extreme-Khana drifto super dude bro blabla.
    - Buggy courses through 'hilly terrain'.
    - Hillclimb with 'powerful, twitchy monsters'.
    - Over 50 car models.
    - Career mode.
    - Innovative online mode to 'transform your experience and progress'.
    - Comfirmed playing modes: Single-player, Online Multi-Player, Local Multi-Player & Shared/Split Screen