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  1. Well it are the gamers themselves who introduced that actually. With social media giving each gamer a voice developers can't just create a game following their own design anymore, they have to follow the playerbase around a little bit as well and give options in diverse area's like these.
  2. I'm a member of a growing simracing team and have experience writing articles. I'm more than happy to do some clips of the game with some normal non crashing style simulation mode driving. http://scuderialeone.com  :D

  3. Rygar86 said:

    Interesting, is this something the devs have reported? I mean, generated circuits as a future possibilty?

    I'm not sure if they said it's going to be in in the game after D4. They just said that they tried the tech on a landrush style track and it wasn't working as they wanted yet. 
  4. KickUp is the designer on the game and works part time as ultimate boss on the forum as he answers pretty much all questions you shoot at the man.

    As far as the mixed surfaces goes, that has been asked a few times and by now the developers know we want it, but it's not going to be in DiRT 4.

  5. kop9000 said:
    спасибо за ответ.

    у меня есть ещё вопрос не по теме но всё же. помогите мне пожалуйста с регистрацией. я вчера с мобильного телефона регистрировался и похоже при регистрации в емейле указал не верную букву. также я хотел в логине при регистрации написал логин "kop9000" но по какой-то причине я написал "jop9000" сейчас я не могу войти с ноутбука в свой профиль

    по идее у меня должен быть емейл rogueliketboir@gmail.com но похоже я не мог войти сейчас я зарегистрировался вроде правильно но раньше не мог войти. помогите пожалуйста. скажите какую ошибку в емейле я допустил при первой регистрации

    I'm not sure I (or google translate) understand you. Are you trying to create another account on mobile? Or just logging in with the account you are now posting with?
  6. I have used google translator to find out that you're asking if there are any other games with a simmilar function like Your Stage. There are a few games that let you create tracks completely from scratch (Trials and Gran Turismo 6) and some games that just let you create routes (pretty much all open world racers). Your stage doesn't give you a whole lot of control in Dirt 4 but who knows what Your Stage might evolve into in the future.
  7. I agree. Only problem is that licensing might stay a big problem in the future when we're talking about populair missing cars. So in that case it would be better then nothing I guess.
  8. @KickUp Could you elaborate a little bit on what version the Space Star R5 exactly is? Year build, prepared by who (Mpart/Dytko Sport/Ralliart), rear wing or nah, stuff like that. I have looked around a bit and there seem to be a few different cars out there and I couldn't really point out which of the Mirages is the 'official' version.
  9. For me it wasn't just the physics that were weird (and imo got worse and worse as the game got closer to launch compared to early on in development) or the controls and FFB being overly complicated to configure right. For me what was a big big problem is the way some of the staff have behaved over time. No need to get into it really, as I'm sure everyone is familiar with the weird banning during early access and blunt rudeness on there.

    And after watching the presentation on pCars 2 last week it just felt weird again. They are presenting stuff, talking about all this great tech. But when I listen to the guy talk it sounds like they are in school doing some assignment they have no affinity with instead of talking about a product they truly love making.
  10. This video shows some rallycross gameplay after the trailer:


    Looks fun, but will probably be pretty limited as far as content goes. Kinda weird having GRC and World RX cars together as well.
  11. Got some specs together, take a look at the torque. The R5 Skoda is pretty high compared to the S2000 spec Fiesta (which get's it speed from revs, rather then torque). Still lower then the old WRC cars, but given the fact that pretty much everything else has evolved as well (not just responsiveness from the engine, but suspension, brakes, tires etc.) it's not that crazy that the current R5's are up there with the old WRC's.

                                           2001 Ford Focus WRC2003 Skoda Fabia WRC2009 Ford Fiesta S20002015 Skoda Fabia R5
    1,991 cc1,999 cc1,998 cc
    1,620 cc
    300 bhp @ 6,500 rpm
    300 bhp
    280 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
    275 bhp @ 4,750 rpm
    151 bhp / liter
    150 bhp / liter
    140 bhp / liter
    170 bhp / liter
    550 Nm

    260 Nm
    420 Nm
    1,230 kg
    1,230 kg
    1,200 kg
    1,230 kg
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