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  1. We are working with the guys from Evo, but not necessarily directly on any projects - they're working on their own, brand new IP. :)
    Did Evo bring any of their tech with them? Or are they completely transitioning to EGO tech without some of their previous stuff? Or is there going to be a brand new engine build together with the best of both called EGO EVO? :blush:
  2. All I hope is that the extra manpower will give them a more efficient system to build stages so that they can build more stages and more importantly longer stages. I'm not sure how they model them now, but since CM says building the stages costs a lot of money, all I can come up with is that that means they either need more people working on it or a more efficient way to create more in the same amount of time. I'd trade Driveclubs graphics for proper length and amount of stages any day.
  3. I've boosted the curves of the video in After Effects, making the contrast bigger, and you can clearly see a blob flying up, over and down the hill. As soon as the car rotates and the headlights point towards the hill, that blob changes into the person you see falling of the hill. :/
  4. I've suggested a co-driver mode a long time ago might have been on the opd forums). What I had in mind then was some sort of guitar hero system where the notes would come down the screen. Top of the screen would be considered too early to call, but once the note hits the bottom it dissapears so you would have had to find a sweetspot in between.

    would be cool if it's something like that, but I have no idea what it is exactly.
  5. Ostberg and Prokop found their place too:

    WRC regulars Mads Ostberg and Martin Prokop will run the majority of the 2017 season, forming a team of two M-Sport Ford Fiesta cars from Rally Sweden onwards.

    Ostberg, who was seventh in the standings with M-Sport last year, lost his seat within the team as it signed Sebastien Ogier and Ott Tanak.

    The Norwegian will therefore revert to driving for his family-run Adapta team, which he competed for between 2007 and 2010 as well as in 2012.

    Ostberg will miss Rally Monte Carlo, but will be present in the following round in Sweden. He then is set to take part in the rest of the season, with the exception of Rally Mexico, during which he is expected to become a father.

    Morten Ostberg, father of Mads, told Motorsport.com's sister publication Autosport: "We are very excited about the year to come. Mads will be in an M-Sport Ford in Sweden, that we can confirm.

    "He has tested the 2017 Fiesta twice now, but he will test more before Sweden. We have seen in the recent years what Mads is capable of in Sweden, so it was important for us to be sure to have him in the new car."

    He will team up with long-time WRC privateer Martin Prokop, who has been a regular in the Ford Fiesta WRC since 2012.

    "The plan is to do what we did in the 2011 and 2012 seasons, when we were running the car with our own Adapta team under the umbrella of M-Sport," added Ostberg Sr.

    "This year it looks like we will be even more independent, working with Martin Prokop’s team from the Czech Republic."

    Despite being independents, Ostberg and Prokop will be entered by M-Sport, as 2017-spec cars are only allowed to be entered by factory teams.

  6. I'm not so afraid as many others are actually. Yeah, these cars have more aero then before, and yeah those 1.6 liters are not my favorite either. But I think the bigger turbo restrictors will compensate for the improved downforce. The added power will just pull trough the aerodynamic effects. Besides, downforce works with air flow, so in anything from mid speed corners to hairpins I think we'll see more sideways actions than the last few seasons. As there is more power then before, with no air flow to push down on the car there is no/little downforce to stop the beast within trough hairpins and other slow sections. :smile:
  7. Some interesting info after Ogier's test day:

    "The four-time champion, who finished second in last weekend's Rally Australia, drove the Yaris WRC on both tarmac and gravel roads in the Tarragona region of Catalunya.

    While reportedly Ogier recognized the potential of the car, he was not fully satisfied, marking out the suspension as a weak point.

    While a move to Malcolm Wilson's team remains a strong possibility, Ogier has indicated he will not make a decision until he has tested the Ford Fiesta RS, as well as Citroen's machinery."

    That means we'll probably have a good image of how all cars except the Hyundai, compare to each other.

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