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  1. Sounds like we get actual crashed cars this time. This part in that Dutch article:
    Het viel wel op dat hier en daar een auto uit de bocht was geschoten of tegen een boom aan is gereden.
    translates to:
    What stood out was that in some places on the stage cars were spun off the road or crashed into a tree.

  2. Last question handling wise, just to be absolutely clear. Are you able to initiate some oversteer in turn entry, point the front of the car towards the inside and use that initial positioning of the car to power trough a corner in one clean motion consistently? (instead of having to initiate oversteer two, sometimes three times in order to not understeer into a tree)

    In D4 you were able to do the first half of the gif below. But at the end of this gif the rear would grip more than it should, causing only the front to slide and point the entire car towards the outside. Sometimes that would happen in real life depending on braking input and weight shifting around, but it felt like I didn't get the right result when using the ScanFlick or using the handbrake at all in D4.

    Image result for rally
  3. Yeah I’m kinda tired of this VR talk as well. It’s always so toxic (on other forums as well). I understand the passion, but show that towards the devs, not towards your fellow simracers. As far as simracers go there’s just not that much more to talk about is there? VR is cool, but it’s not coming at launch, there is somewhat of a demand, but not enough to justify 100k to 200k investment to implement it.

    Man, problem with today’s world is that no way in hell you can fall into two groups at the same time. You say A, well you must hate B! I prefer triplescreens over VR for screen clarity and I happen to understand why VR is not coming at launch because I’m a developer as well, but that doesn’t make me a VR hater. It’s like you are either black lives mather or pro police, or all in for Formula 1 or MotoGP. It’s like you’re automatically a hater of one if you say you like the other. Can’t we respect both? Can’t we like both? <3
  4. The only problem I see with a mixed tarmac/gravel stage and tyre choice in a game is that one is always going to be faster, and once you’ve worked out which one that is that’s pretty much the tyre choice done for the rest of your time playing.
    That’s why we need Your Stage besides the handcrafted ones! :o
  5. zissakos1 said:
    The thing is: why would such a highly acclaimed, highly capable developer like Codemasters, that has ALREADY implemented VR support, in a RALLY TITLE, not include this right from the start, in the sequel to that critically acclaimed great game???
    This is just not understandable. Why can't the same implementation be used, at least for the beginning? And then be refined later.
    It's not that easy to do. I'll quote myself from another thread:
    Areyouben said:
    Having worked on a few VR projects I would like to share these points:

    - VR is awesome!
    - VR has a future in simracing.
    - VR implementation is NOT a matter of clicking a few buttons.
    - VR implementation is NOT a matter of copy/paste from previous games.
    - VR market share is still very low compared to traditional single and triple screen setups.
    - Game development is a business, which consists of making choices throughout development that make financial sense.

    So to conclude: I'm not hating on VR, VR is awesome! But I'm not at all surprised about the missing of VR support at launch. It is a lot of work to implement. And in order to do all that work Codies needs to invest extra money which is difficult to justify if only a small portion of your player base is actually going to use it.

    It is kind of why no big developers worked on Kinect games. It was pretty cool tech as well but with a very low market share so it did not make sense to invest money in something not profitable.

    I'm not saying VR is the same as Kinect, or that it will fail like Kinect did. I would love to see DR 2.0 get VR support, it's just that the current market isn't there yet so for some developers it's difficult to justify the investment.
  6. tbtstt said:
    tbtstt said:
    Concerning the rallycross I see the blog post makes mention of  "cars from the 2018 season as well as eight of the official WorldRX circuits". 

    I assume that means that Lydden won't be in this game? 

    THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP – Race at Barcelona, Montalegre, Mettet, Lohéac Bretagne, Trois-Rivieres, Hell, Holjes and Silverstone in a multitude of different series.
    Where did you see that @RallyDriven? 
    It's on the same page where the Camaro is mentioned. http://www.codemasters.com/game/dirt-rally-2-0/
  7. Hope so. If we get a full year of support, with a new season every quarter, we might end up with the full RX calendar, maybe some classic RX locations and around 12 rally locations. Who knows, maybe we'll get a hill climb season with 3 hill climb location.
  8. Some questions @urgaffel @ChristinaMc 

    1. Will we have the full RX format online including heats and all finals, instead of just a few races in a row?
    2. How many rally stages will we have per location (not counting reversed or cut up parts)?
    3. Is stage generation completely gone for this project, or will we have stage generation next to the hand crafted stages?
    4. What is the coolest VFX additions we'll see?
    5. Is this build on the same EGO tech?
    6. And what does the tech allow as far as stage length goes? will we see 20+ km stages this time?

  9. All pre-orders editions of DiRT Rally 2.0 will include access to the amazing Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec as a bonus vehicle to use on the stages.


    Wow, and we'll get at least 6 new locations (split between rally and rallycross) post launch!!!!!!!!!!!
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