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  1. Maybe they're extending the development window on the WRC games, filling the gaps with an arcade game just like Forza Motorsport and Horizon? So V-Rally in 2018, WRC in 2019, V-Rally in 2020 etc.
  2. Citroen's rear suspension engineers in Sweden last year were like
  3. Meeke only lost 35 seconds between stages 9 trough 17, so I think the C3 is fine. Breen was quick as well before destroying his brakes when a little rock got caught between the rim and the brake.
  4. Yeah I think you're right. The straights are curved a bit due to the curved paper, but what's on the table looks pretty much like the concept layout:
  5. I got a reply on my question regarding the movement of the cars in the trailer. They're saying that the physics in this is not what's in the game and that they'll show real gameplay soon. Yet another developer joining the 'soon' cult.  :*
  6. yeah                                                  
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD5mNX1Omws                                                                  
  8. Well, the Dakar sim is dropping a trailer tomorrow. That’s the most dirty news I have, but it ain’t DiRT related. :#
  9. http://blog.codemasters.com/community/12/dirt-4-road-book-061217/ :smiley:                                                
  10. T minus 60 seconds?                                    
  11. Yeah or just download the demo. :smiley:         
  12. Yup, they get Barcelona RX.             
  13. Interesting Bakkerud considering WRC2 after Hoonigan's WRX exit Andreas Bakkerud says he will likely pursue a switch to WRC2 in 2018 if he's unable to secure a top-line drive in the World Rallycross Championship. Bakkerud had expected to remain with Ken Block’s Ford Performance-backed Hoonigan Racing team for a third term next year, but was left without a seat when the outfit announced it was withdrawing from World RX last month, ahead of the season finale in South Africa. https://www.motorsport.com/wrc/news/bakkerud-considering-wrc2-switch-after-hoonigan-s-wrx-exit-984272/?s=1
  14. If OP can put a link to page 110 we'll always be able to find the start of 2018.
  15. They maybe got Toyota trough a general license agreement with ASO.
  16. Some more details from the livestream they had: Dakar 18 | PS4, XONE, PC | 2018 Bigmoon Entertainment - Deep Silver Dream, Dare, Live It. As the official game of the Dakar Rally, Dakar 18 lets you play as the best drivers, riders, and teams from the 40th edition in 2018. Dakar 2018 Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina. Experience the ultimate adventure. - more thant 15.000km² open world (Fuel was 14,400 km²) - You can exit the car and explore the world - You have to fix damage to vehicle by controlling the character - Official Dakar teams from categories (cars, trucks, bikes etc) -
  17. Techland also made Dying Light which was pretty good. But the Xpand Rally games never were that great. Fake cars, bad physics. But we’ll see, been a long time since those games so who knows. Edit, Facebook page implies that there will be multiple games, maybe anuall looking at the 18 icon in the logo?
  18. I think it's not so much being angry at another team for creating something else, but rather being a bit jealous that both the F1 guys and the arcade guys get something (either new or patches) while we haven't even seen any signs on the DiRTy side. At least, that's how I look at it.
  19. Weird thing is that he seemed a lot more cocky to me long before he got world champion and he got more and more chill over the last couple of years.
  20. There was an article about an AP4 spec Yaris on Speedhunter a few weeks back: http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/09/next-generation-rally-ap4-toyota-yaris/
  21. Couldn't they just let both drivers run but selectively let them score points for the team with the other in a B team? That way both can just fight for their own drivers championship. 
  22. I can remember the dev saying that they wouldn't actively block modding?
  23. So that would be the Evolution Studios IP then. :)
  24. lol                                        
  25. I haven't looked much at the descriptions, but toe-in at the front gives better turn in. The wheels point inward and when turning in more weight leans on the wheels on the outside, and with toe in the outside wheel is essentially already turning in a bit helping you trough the corner. for instability, both too much toe-in and too much toe-out are instable. 
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