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  1. mannwhite

    Saitek R440 steering wheel problems

    The left/right rotation is always greyed out. I tried the registry hack, different ports, everything. It works fine in windows and the in-game menus, it only goes bad in the game. Anyway, I just ordered a Logitech Driving Force GT from amazon. It's been a long time coming, and with Assetto Corsa and Project cars coming out... :)
  2. mannwhite

    Saitek R440 steering wheel problems

    :\  Wow guys, hold back on the responses, this is overwhelming. 
  3. My steering was working well yesterday. It still is working well under windows and in the game menus but when I start the race is locks to the left and is unresponsive. What can be the matter? All drivers etc are up to date.