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  1. I start the game with KB. G25 should be like G27 so f1 and f2 do some things #16 17 I think and the arrow keys (not num pad) for the gui navigation, Paddles do stuff as well and wheel rotation spins the car view, enter esc- select/fwd back. I assigned all 6 buttons on the wheel for views and hand brake. I think! I can do everything required in the game :)
  2. Loggy

    Rubber band AI?

    If they hung back and made a dash through the pack using perfectly timed slipstream overtakes it could happen :)
  3. Loggy

    Brake / Reverse

    That will be manual then !! or pad and kb users ?, how does that work with a wheel and pedals?? -should I stay out of this :)
  4. Missing choice AL  All of them Im really enjoying them all , even drift !!  as it comes up on the variety playlist (and I got the hang of it :) ).  Wheres Derby ??.. I havn't seen a session yet but I'm not complaining as there's so much going on elsewhere.
  5. Loggy

    racenet challenge changed with patch...

    I think its intended as there were reports of people wall riding and using the AI as brakes, now if you drive like a loony you lose.
  6. Loggy

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    Dont use cockpit, replay cams , mirrors, time trial?- learn on the wing, I am absolutely loving the variety playlist and getting thrown into different motors disciplines and tracks. Text chat might make me 100. :D
  7. Loggy

    One piece of advice....please!

    Remember, Slower is faster. Meaning if you go slower you will get faster, your fastness is making you slow if you see what  mean.....
  8. Loggy

    Competing with Ravenwest

    Can the AI use draft?, I think they can, I look back sometimes and they use different lines on the straights depending how close they are to me and seem even to change from their line to mine to use my slip. !! :-S And it only takes one bad corner from me for them to be back up my ar5e on my tail. A few times Ive been pushing for 1st only to spin or slip and drop back to 3rd (no flashbacks) and I hate it when that happens, usually the last lap Grrr.
  9. Loggy

    Grid Autosport - Agera R

    The Agera has better acceleration but crap handling as usual :)
  10. And they dont get penalties for cutting I noticed.
  11. Loggy

    What A.I. difficulty are you using?

    Hard, but I find Open wheel and Street easiest Endurance and Touring harder and Jap car Tuner impossible but Muscle Tuner easier ! and dont ask about drift uugh.. I havnt got through 1st quali yet lol ..I have to be very aggressive and try to bash Ravenwest to win Touring and Endurance- once I've caught them :)
  12. Loggy

    Accidental Race starting suggestion

    Yep, done that a few times, I thought Id never use qualifying- wouldnt need it, but, LOL, Its absolutely needed to get a better start position and I always use it now. Im extra careful now to check at the start of the races. :)
  13. Loggy

    Assists On or Off?

    So do you think turning ABS off gives you the edge? @sucr4m So is TC the reason why I sometimes have really low acceleration on some of my corner exits? I dont know if it gives an edge but it sure feels more like driving on the edge which I like.
  14. Loggy

    Assists On or Off?

    All off, I started with just abs only then tried without any at all and it feels good to me, I love the way my front inside wheel locks up when diving into corners.I do have Fanatec CSR Elite load cell pedals though and have found a sweet spot which works well with GAS.
  15. Loggy

    GRID Autosport = Best AI ever

    LOL I thought it was a bit of fun, I noticed the party mode Lancia Ai are very aggressive as well, like demo derby racers lol, I kind of liked it as it made me laugh- it was just like some multiplayer sessions where half the field are rammers :) I won anyway :)
  16.  Maybe showing my age but this was the nuts at the time, inside the garage there were 2 spinning foam wheels which would push your cars along the track. Round and round till the batterys died lol.
  17. Loggy


    Ah- this may explain why my 3 career mode flashbacks disappeared, anyway I continued the seasons without them and had to restart a couple of races but found I it more satisfying to complete events without the flashbacks so they are staying off.
  18. Loggy

    Grid Autosport career stories thread

    You wanna beat Nathan? , spin the fuc**er then he drops waay back lol :) I do and it gives me great satisfaction because he has grip and speed cheats on :)
  19. Loggy


    Yup some noobs just dont like being passed and run you off track, but they get proper hammered when I catch them at a corner- because I dont care about stats. A little rubbing at the corners is good and ill even try to straight you up if you spin in front of me so we can all carry on but if you intentionaly beat on me you will get it back - worse if possible :)
  20. Loggy

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I have tried bashing random keys on the kb to find # 6, # 17, etc but no luck so far, enter and back does enough to play the game but it would be good to see deeper through some menu's.I'm at work atm so cant try but later Ill try every key on kb to see if there is some function. Same here, cant find some button equivalents on the keyboard. can someone from codemasters tell us what are all the keyboard equivalent keymappings are [even if theyre not re-mappable] @Britpoint mebbbe? I did find that f1 and f2 do somethings,  (choose livery) sometimes :), and Gooner i found an Ai sound setting thingy in the audio settings menu, I set it to 50% but have only been online since so didnt check the difference.
  21. Loggy

    Autosport multiplayer "My Vehicles"

    I'd say that as well, the levelling up is a bit unfair on latecomers and the lesser skilled, It will take them a while to collect enough xp as they will always be at the back of the handout queue.Not that I have enough xp to buy my own motor yet as everyone is still in loaners, but if and when I buy a car and upgrade it and it is faster I will feel Im taking advantage and noob bashing.  :D
  22. Loggy

    So online huh...

    LOL I got bored in a race after being smashed and left behind so I wrote the car off by killing it 5 times into the walls and at the race end I got a nice - (minus)5000 credits and no earnings hehe, teach me not to do that again. 
  23. Loggy

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    Happened to me once so far online on PC, the race continued the while It was frozen so I was delayed by a second.Happened a lot on G 2.
  24. Loggy

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I put it down to the sand dust on the road.  I think you can actually see a slight yellowish dusting at certain sections. 
  25. !st time I looked in this thread as I use chase but....W.T.F  !!  :)