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  1. I havnt seen a single vid driving the BMW touring car, fwd noobs I-) Unless its not available << :)
  2. Loggy

    GRID 2 - DLC required you don't own.

    Which is a disgraceful situation, good job I didnt buy any DLC for grid 2. They should make all the DLC free now in one big download as its useless in bits and bobs.
  3. Ill try not to use them, I stopped using them in D3 as they just confused me and dont allow me to get used to the cars.Ill wont be messing with them until others have experimented and found the allegedly better all round setups.I hope they have been ballanced well, ie' if you up one thing it makes another noticebly worse so its best to stay on stock.
  4. Loggy

    Grid Autosport Review

    Here's some over-the-shoulder Xbox 360 footage from London Comic Con (supposedly--though I see a mouse on the table, which suggests PC, but @Loore can probably confirm the setup): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDeUWqvaRiM Strange FOV in that vid, seems like the chase cam is way too low, like you cant see the car in front almost, @Loore can the view height be altered by the player?.
  5. Loggy

    Grid Autosport Review

    It's an optional install :) @Motorsport4ever It's a fictional car. Will it be easy to remove, uninstall the texture pack ?
  6. Loggy

    30 minutes of career gameplay

    Watched it, looks good, I'm happy to see the front wheel drives heading for the barriers under power when cornering and the rear drives scrubbing speed under power when drifting..The handling will be refined by the players when they realise that smoother is faster, however some just wont get or like that model but I hope the majority will.  :-bd
  7. Loggy

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    I got a refund, then bought it for 10% less and now have £3 credit with steam. :P
  8. Loggy

    Grid Autosport Review

    Nice nice nice, big grin on my face  :D
  9. Loggy

    Race Driver: GRID 6 years on

    I really enjoyed the sp mode and finished it on easy before I went online- what a shock!, I previously thought I was fast, I was dropped into an LMP race at SPA, my god,  online was so manic everyone was flying past me !. I think I quit and went back to sp but upped the difficulty so I could get better.Played it almost every day until shutdown. And the tyres yes lol  :)
  10. Loggy


     Doh  :-S We need the chat anyway, in that instance, :-S Abd why dont my smileys work ?
  11. Loggy


    And I cant remember my last Grid 2 session not on the hardcore playlist, purely because I dont want to be casually trashed by flashback users.The flashback playlists are not used by a lot of people, please have a playlist (or two) without flashbacks, for the more 'serious casual !'  :)  players to jump in and race. See the playlists have changed the way I and a lot of others go online, I have done only a dozen or so of my 3.5k+ Grid 2 online races in custom lobbies,  flashbacks are not required here.
  12. Loggy


    With the text chat.  It is needed all round.
  13. Loggy

    Random Grid Order

    1st race random then reverse, latecomers at the back.
  14. Loggy


    I like that bit.
  15. Loggy


    At least give us a hardcore playlist with random events like the Grid 2 one, please :)
  16. Loggy

    Q&A Thread - Part 2

    And- or increase the PX value ?
  17. Loggy

    Autosport Black Edition

    Hi-res washer jets coming soon ?
  18. Loggy

    Autosport Black Edition

    But if you happened to master that car and beat everybody everytime !!, then I would also like to try that car to beat you and if I couldn't get that car Id be very miffed not to be able to try it- ever. Exclusive livery are fine, exclusive cars will fracture the community again, not good.
  19. Loggy

    Online Racing & Vehicle Progression

    But Grid 1 was circuit based, even in spectate there was no lap counter and if you started spectate at the first lap of 12 on Spa (15 minute wait) you wouldn't know where you were timewise, someone usually let the speccy's know the lap and count.But hey it was good to spectate while waiting than having absolutely no clue as to race standing.
  20. Loggy

    Online Racing & Vehicle Progression

    It would be very helpful to know what lap the current 1st place car is on so we have an indication on how long we have to wait for the next race. Grid 1 also didn't have this information- in lobby or spectate,- but you could ask through text chat and someone would let you know how long till you would be in the race. :-w
  21. Set a lower game resolution while in window mode to see if it works. Then set to higher res. Maybe its out of sync.
  22. Loggy

    The Handling Chronicles

    Good thread, Im getting ready by using the grip cars in G2, I was a Camaro, C63, Vette, Agera man, now Im a Subaru, BMW 320, Impreza- Audi man.Sod the stats, I dont win much now but its fun not to have to drift. Enjoying using the correct lines. BTW the non drift cars could be drifted in Grid 1 but only on a few corners and not very much as the speed got scrubbed and the drift would stop and you would only do it if there was room around you because you knew it was a messy style of racing. Looking forwards to this :)