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    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    WOW , never seen such a cool vid, might even make me buy the game,,,,, again,, Seriously tho, I refunded (ultimate) after 10 mins of play back in October-ish. I have now successfully set up dual boot 10 (***'n hate it) on my home rig but having not played AS for 6 months and started again (win 7), ,, its a blast and busy every night. Not sure to get 2019 again, seems kinda... deadish .... Illwait for whatever next it is, pcars-codies or summat?.
  2. I remember something about sausages in the 2008 Grid, .. Donnington I think ! Never checked If it was real. Im pretty sure every now and then a real ad popped up trackside in that edition of Grid.
  3. Loggy

    Im not ready but

    I've got to dual install win10 (still on Win7) or build a new rig to actually play this though I preordered soon after announcement. Hope you guys hype me into gettin my ass in gear after release and get me doing something LOL. It does look good though
  4. Loggy

    Im not ready but

    Was GAS for a long time but got a little tired and into COD ww2 atm. Truth be I always turn down the graphics myself to the smoothest overall ingame experience. The crowd always gets turned off anyways, I cant stand the distraction. As long as its not a Grid 2 drift fest Ill probably like it ... ... ... when I get round to dualing win 10 on my main rig .
  5. Loggy

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Yes but that's uncomfortably undriveable without polaroids :)
  6. Thats like being a passenger with a lunatic driving blind over a hill at 165 mph, hope nothing comes the other way lol.
  7. Loggy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    One thing I've noticed with a few of these preview videos is whiteout track glare. I consider it dangerous to drive in these circumstances without a decent set of polaroid sunglasses, will these be available as a dlc or can we equip with them from the off ? Seriously though I hope there is some graphic settings to reduce the saturation glare levels. Decent polaroids would have that track as black as the day it was laid.
  8. Its always a new game that forced me to use a new OS, Id still be on Win2k if the games worked on it. That said I'm very late to an OS and dont get full value cos they get dropped by MS a few years after I join. Win2k, XP, 7.............suppose I have to put 10 on my main rig. I put 10 on my work rig a couple of months ago and it can be made to look and behave like 7 (majorgeeks), and I've always used classic windows theme, never any XP or 10 look. Here is classic shell on Win 10, looks like win2k 🙂
  9. Loggy

    Grid Autosport

    Yup Autosport through steam not working.........
  10. Loggy

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    It may sound a bit bizarre but I would like the option in a custom setup race to include no disqualification for stopping or driving backwards, an "Anything Goes" "Stats Off" lobby, why? because in the original grid I liked to join games with known crashers (as they become known) and really enjoy outwitting them. It was a great way to unwind and have a non serious time racing. They liked crashing and I liked beating them :) And all tracks all cars would be welcome too.
  11. Loggy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Errr, will it work on Win 7 ? , I hope so, I dont really want to build a Win 10 rig just yet but if I have to I have to..
  12. Loggy

    What tracks would you like to see(back)

    Loved Nurburgring on Grid,,... WOOO HOOOOOO !!!!!! Please no punctures in demo-derby, it ruined it.
  13. Loggy

    Change wheel settings unsupported wheel.

    Ive never used the game settings for any of my wheels and pedals, I have always set them through the custom section. I find it a more reliable way of getting them set. I did try the in game setting for my current  Fanatec V2 but the game just spazzed out with constant scrolling which was quite difficult to get back from.
  14. Loggy

    What is the next GRID-Game you want?

    Are you sure upgrades do nothing to any cars?. Ive started again online with all stock loan cars and there definately seem to be some cars that are just faster than mine which I cant catch even with a good tow so I have to settle back and take a position. It is more the touring class that I can see as the other standard cars are very good at holding a position. Do you need upgrades for the tuning unlocks to work? or do the unlocks enable tuning?. I am only using loan cars. 
  15. Loggy

    Feedback of AI in Grid Autosport

    Just hope Codies dont do the AI for the google self driving cars, can you imagine !
  16. Loggy

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition Patch 2-4-15

    Wouldn't say unplayable, just unset ffb and increase centering on the wheel, takes a bit of getting used to but you can play, though the steering does feel a bit loose and wandery, just like a Cortina Mk1 steering box lol.
  17. I find it the same with a pedal, once you stop rolling the next touch will be normal and the pro drags dont do feathered accelerator they just want to jump off the line. Now I just roll and stop and be happy, I can post stage with a dab of the brakes and thats all you need and I do hold the pedal full down until the stage.
  18. Loggy

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    It would be nice to know that all other racers have disconnected though, three times last night I staged (started with at least three other in the race) and just sat there for a minute and had to disq myself to find I was the only one left in the lobby.
  19. Loggy

    How to Install DLC?

    I hope by now you have found that it installs itself in steam. Right click on the game in steam list and select properties and a box with tabs should show DLC
  20. Yep I think this is very common and very f ing annoying for all who it happens to, certainly I get it every session (daily) and a lot of others too, have a look on steam AS forum. Codies are supposedly 'looking into this'.  I dont think they realise how much this kills the game experience for who it affects, and certainly casts doubt on the ability of the *Codemasters*  !!.
  21. Loggy

    Fastest platform?

    Alert no beer = fast  Alert 1 beer = faster Alert 3 beers = slower Tired no beer = slow  Tired 1 beer = slower Tired 3 beers = forget it :) Ed, Obviously in game only, not on road :o
  22. Loggy

    Saitek R440 steering wheel problems

    First try to reset the left right rotation in custom control settings, If not, unplug the usb ports and maybe swap them around to get a fresh connection and try the wheel again.
  23. Thats a really high resolution for a laptop, I would try with the laptop screen resolution a bit less and see if the game filled the screen then, my 30" screen looks fine at 2560 x 1600 and the game fills it properly.
  24. Loggy

    Matchmaking Still Not Fixed?

    I get the same thing usually after the disconnect-'you are not connected to steam' cr4p, but now I get only 2 sessions showing when I start steam fresh and start the game through steam. It is not good...........
  25. As Im on pc and dont need mirrors I will give a +1, still I would like text chat for it to be 100% for me but overall its really good for the racing game that it is. Sometimes it makes me laugh and it makes me mad but also it makes me smile a lot while playing and I like my endorphins.  :)