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  1. WOW , never seen such a cool vid, might even make me buy the game,,,,, again,, :classic_blink:


    Seriously tho, I refunded (ultimate) after 10 mins of play back in October-ish.

    I have now successfully set up dual boot 10 (***'n hate it) on my home rig but having not played AS for 6 months and started again (win 7), ,, its a blast :classic_cool:  and busy every night.

    Not sure to get 2019 again, seems kinda... deadish .... Illwait for whatever next it is, pcars-codies or summat?.

  2. One thing I've noticed with a few of these preview videos is whiteout track glare. I consider it dangerous to drive in these circumstances without a decent set of polaroid :classic_cool: sunglasses, will these be available as a dlc or can we equip with :classic_cool: them from the off ? :classic_cool:


    Seriously though I hope there is some graphic settings to reduce the saturation glare levels.


    Decent polaroids would have that track as black as the day it was laid.

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  3. Most of all it should be supported and patched better than GAS was e.g. upgrades STILL do nothing to car performance no matter WHAT the stats claim. We were promised a fix was coming but Noooooo. 

    Are you sure upgrades do nothing to any cars?. Ive started again online with all stock loan cars and there definately seem to be some cars that are just faster than mine which I cant catch even with a good tow so I have to settle back and take a position.
    It is more the touring class that I can see as the other standard cars are very good at holding a position.
    Do you need upgrades for the tuning unlocks to work? or do the unlocks enable tuning?.
    I am only using loan cars. 

  4. Hughesy said:
    Yea the problem seems to be that the forces are reversed for the entire right side, so when turning left the forces are correct. Really weird problem, I hope they fix it quick, as it's unplayable until then. :(
    Wouldn't say unplayable, just unset ffb and increase centering on the wheel, takes a bit of getting used to but you can play, though the steering does feel a bit loose and wandery, just like a Cortina Mk1 steering box lol.
  5. As far as I can see the whole MP system is buggered as all I get is 2 sessions (if  I'm lucky).

    Even when selecting different disciplines all I get at most is 2 sessions, more often than not one of these sessions is a "Dead session" i,e, it no longer exists, this has been happening more and more frequently!

    So are Codies EVER gonna get this game to work properly?

    Highly unlikely imo...... Especially when it seems as though every patch screws up some other function!

    I get the same thing usually after the disconnect-'you are not connected to steam' cr4p, but now I get only 2 sessions showing when I start steam fresh and start the game through steam. It is not good...........
  6. i'm against the flashbacks, but i use them just to not ruin other people races when i forgot to brake on some turns

    Haha, I did that for the first time the other day when not concentrating and the track was the short version and I was bearing down fully locked up sideways heading for a bunch of cars in front at a very slow corner, oooh sh!t, Ah I have a flash back, saved lol.

  7. Terdhat said:

    I submit that the above idea of a small window on screen that shows a top down view would become the norm in racing games going forward. That would trump mirrors any day for positional awareness on a single screen. One can hope. It could be simple vector lines for all I care to keep the graphics load down. 

    With equal size blocks representing the vehicles changing colour from green slower through to red being faster, orange being neutral.

    We can hope.

  8. jerrymackturner said:

    I just got into the top 3% on the first challenge with a category b touring car that is level 51 or so with all upgrades and goes down to 89% each race at around a cost of around 27,000 total to repair.  So I have learned if I do not better my previous time I just restart otherwise I lose around 18,000 per try and restarting puts you back without adding damage.  Now, online when I host a room I just put damage on visual only then I actually have my top cars sitting at 0% and I still win most races and make money.

    I found that my upgraded cars are slower for at Racenet challenges so I use loaners now, I dont know why but thats what I found.

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