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  1. Rada user = Retard of the year  :) , well now I can install it
  2. How I contact with them mate? Thanks so much for all replies
  3. Hand written but I check the code many times and I tryed with diferents lettter or siilar combinations but nothing change
  4. Well, I check the code 1 million times and it's correct but when I write the code, something happen and suddenly it's incorrect and I can't install the game  :'(
  5. Hello¡, firstable sorry for my english ( I'm from Spain) Well, now I was trying to introduce the Steam Code and I don't know what is wrong but I tryed around 10 times but I ca't install the game because my code doesn't work or something . My steam code has to "b" letters in small letter ¿What is the problem?  For another time sorry for my english level :s Now I can't install the game...I tryed many times and steam will not let me right now  :'(
  6. 1. Do you like Formula 1?  Yes, a lot 2. Have you played Formula 1 2013? Yes, around 250 hours more less 3. If yes, what do you enjoy about the game?  I enjoy, especially with the career mode 4. What do you do in your free time? Well... play videogames, go the stadium and spend time with my family and friends  5. Do you play a lot of video games? Depends, maybe yes  :#  6. If yes how many hours a week do you spend playing games? Around 5-7 hours a week 7. What type of games do you play? Formula 1, FIFA, The Walking Dead, Classic games... 8. Do you have any games consol
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