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  1. I`m trying Time Trials with all possible assistance and improving my driving, but still find hard this game with keyboard....I was worried not to miss thing in setting the game properly...thanks anyway for sharing your thoughts .....
  2. Hi everybody , I`m new in f12013...but find it very hard  for playing ?? I used to play  Geoff C GP2/3/ and GP4 several years back, and can say I was quite good. I was in "retirement" with f1 games more than 5/6 years Now I`m start playing f12013  but this game it`s far more different in terms of handling the car. I`m a keyboard player and discover that turning in it`s very difficult in this game. I always miss the apex, override chicane, cutting corners, etc... When I start turning in it`s always maximum turn.  Do I have to set some things in the game, to have les
  3. Hello to everyone at code forms. I`m a new member and trying to start racing with f12013... after such a long period in retirement after Grand Prix 4. Hope will have a fun with this game as well as support by code forum members. Thanks Teo
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