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  1. wasneeplus

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    You’re right. I had full traction control with which it was hard to make the top 15000. Yesterday I drove with half traction control and that made a big laptime difference and top 15000 is easily reachable. Still though I think friendsboard should show friends independent of being on the global leaderboard. But I’ll stop about that now. Thanks for your replies.
  2. wasneeplus

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    I understand that the friendsboard is apparently a subset of the globalboard. I just don’t understand that’s how it is designed. That dependency is not necessary, it could as easily retrieve the laptimes of friends separately. Or the 15000 entry limit could be extended to more than 40000, just like last years edition. My point is: the friendsboard should not only be usable for the top 15000 drivers but also for the less skillful drivers who want to have fun and compare laptimes amongst friends. So therefore my kind request to resolve this.
  3. wasneeplus

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    That seems to be a bug to me. The laptimes are saved because if I retry a time trial I can see my own old time on the friends board when I’m in the pitbox. I don’t understand why there is an dependency between the global and friends board. It makes the friendsboard kind of useless. Also we didn’t experience this issue in the previous versions of F1. It’s a pity. I hope this can be resolved.
  4. wasneeplus

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    Thanks for your reply. I can live with a restriction of 15000 entries on the global leaderboard. I have no interest in being in that list, my driving skills probably don’t allow that. 😁 But it also results in a empty friends leaderboard. Because we are not registered as an entry on the global board, we are also not shown on each others friend boards. That’s unfortunate, we want to compare times between 3 friends. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. wasneeplus

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    Thanks. Is that an issue or a feature? Why is that?
  6. wasneeplus

    Time Trial friends leaderboard

    Hi, do you have to set a time faster than the slowest laptime shown on the leaderboard to appear on the leaderboard? Me and my friend have set a valid laptime for Australia dry, but slower than entry 15000. And we don’t appear on each others friends board. On australia wet we also set a time and there we appear on each other’s friendsboards. I assume because we set a time faster than the slowest. Or because there are less than 15000 entries. We are not interested in being the best on the global leaderboard, but we want to compare our times amongst friends. It would be a miss if that’s not possible. (PS4)