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  1. But you are not just moaning, what you e just done is voiced a valid constructive critisism, thats what we need, not why havnt we vot the right wheel, why why why?,why cant we choose a number?,why cant i think of anything important to moan about?, thats not constuctive, its annouing and pointless!
  2. Yeh ill agree with that, but its still not as bad as ppl would have you think it is.I still think that they moan for the sale of it.
  3. Am i alone?i think the series is pretty good, not perfect but pretty good and i think its what you make it.You need to put in some effort, i have a play seat with t500rs and f1 wheel add on, a good surround and 55"led tv,i wear racing shoes and gloves, i use no aids and have osd off and play from in car and i find it to be brilliant.
  4. yeh my op was the start of the phrase everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an a.hole, most stink and are full of cr..pi remember 2010 and it was so disheartening,and who believes that people dont moan just for the hell of it,i bet theres gonna be a lot more satisfied customers than there are whining fools(THEY ARENT JUST KIDS)
  5. Mmm.....but if we look at this democratially then all of the moaners and whingers on here are vastly outnumbered by the silent majority who buy the game, and one more point, forty quid? I make that less than 11pence per day for a whole year, come on thsts value for money that you dont see anywhere else!
  6. I dont even meet players on f1 who know this forum exists
  7. Ask around freinds family and people that you meet in your games outlet or other social media,then see how many of them buy and play f1,this will show just how insignificant we are to codemaaters
  8. Ask around freinds family and people that you meet in your games outlet or other social media,then see how many of them buy and play f1,this will show just how insignificant we are to codemaaters
  9. Im just gonna slate all f1 games cos despite the fact that i buy every game it makes me look cool to whine and moan about everything and everyone(eg alex gillon)who tries to do anything worthwhile.you know who you are.
  10. Fing rude! They font even have the good manners to offer any answers!!!
  11. this is an open forum where we are all free to post what where and when we please!i enjoyed the post and video,if anyone else doesnt like it,tough luck,maybe we dont like everything that you post but good manners cost nothing, you dont have to comment on other users activities, do you?
  12. wow!we never got that far,i have a g25 on a playseat evo in my games room and g27 on a payseat alcantara in my living room, we have to play online because we cant get system link to work,tell me how you got to the lobby stage and we can try to get through together, i have both ps3's hard wired through one router.
  13. Well let's hope they have included all of these but from what codemasters have said so far i'm not too confident. We'll be rotting in our graves before Codefarcesters put this stuff in. Theyve made no attenpt at realism in the past so I cant see how thats going to change for the future.  They know hardcore fans will be tempted into it regardless so all they have to do is appeal to the kid/casual/new to the sport market and its a guaranteed cash cow for Codefarcesters They're going to be in the next gen game.  Hahaha rofl pml lol bolax!! They CAN put them in the next gen
  14. @hatta  sorry luke if it appears that im attacking you personally, my point is that your superiors do not really see this forum as a serious representation of their customer base, if they did then they would listen and deliver,i know its a business but at least they could be honest,i am annoyed for you, as much as for any of us, when i say bs, i refer to the drip fed rubbish, i dont use the term bs to insinuate that your lieing,sorry.
  15. I agree as that was the first race after I got the game I wanted to try it but couldn't get round once in the practice session so I turned on all assists and i got round OK but still I'm wary of Singapore as if I jump in to a race with no qualy and then spin after a while I usually have no option but to restart so thats the only circuit I take flashbacks for Yes yes yes 100% agreement!
  16. I wouldnt bet on it. Steve Hood said that they probably wont have any F1 cars at all in the next gen game because they dont add anything to the game and most people who buy the game only like browsing through the menu screens. Its only the 1% hardcore gamers that actually drive the cars. Dont talk rubbish,they will have f1 cars but they will be more futuristic and youll have to complete a platform game before you get a license and then start your career as a green grocer named tex, and im sure he meant 1% of forum users actually drive the cars and they dont use p1 p2 in car view or champio
  17. Dont blame me,its this stupid iphone,i cant even see what im typing til after ive posted,thats why youll see all my posts are edited,but i cant be arsed to edit over and over again so youll have to be patient until i get my laptop back,sorry(: sky f1 hd does have a lot more on show than just the races though and remember that you also get the other sports channels, giving you a lot more motor sports too.
  18. Hatta said: <stock-cm-answer> "Not at this time but I'll let you know if that changes." </stock-cm-answer> We've approached FOM about this before. It's not possible right now. Erm,yeh,ok,so tell us why,stop the bs! What BS? We've asked in the past, and it wasn't possible - that's all I know. I wasn't involved in the discussion. @hatta,The bs refers to the fact that we ask uou straight questions and we mever get straight answers,not even to smallest of points that we raise, have the answers,but they sit on anything that they no we wont like,right up unt
  19. The sky f1 service is great,its more than just race coverage,they have exclusive access to things and a very well respected team of experts and journalists,your crazy if you are an f1 fan and dont subscribe to sky,just like being an f1 fan and not buying the latest game(as long as its a true representation of the sport)but again this thread is going off topic,my point is,why call it something different?its f1!we want f1,not some cruddy fantasy game based loosely around f1 in a fictional world,dont we???
  20. in a sense?many of us started out with codies when toca was released,woah!a real autosport enthusiasts game with the ability to race a full championship,then with toca2 they added in other cars and desciplines to bring in new sales,cool.then toca wtc came along,keeping the toca name but with no toca championship......strange? Then the race driver series started wit the toca name but no championship option,just some options to put a few tracks together for a series of races,pointless without the option to save and no scoring system/leader board,this has continued since the name changed to grid,
  21. more cockpit adjustability is needed,drivers do change their seating positions depending on the circuit,monaco for example,the drivers position themselves much higher for a clearer view of the track(fact).we should also have the option to remove the on screen wheel,theyve done it in gas!i cant use cockpit because im using a wheel whilst looking at a wheel,very distracting.
  22. Ive just had an awful thought,remember way back when cm made toca,toca2,toca3wtc?then they decided to go for the money option and chase the silly game bandwagon instead of the thorough bred motorsport base,so they called it race driver and it all turned to rubbish,no full saved championship,all fictional career based races,remember?they said they were taking the series in a new direction,now they are saying that f1 next gen isnt called f1 2015,i fear that they are goong to do it again,please @HATTA if you read this,tell us that they arent doing it again,its not gonna be called "Next gen formul
  23. Mate why havnt you reconfiguered the wheel buttons,i have kers drs up down left right on mine its perfect.
  24. If you don't know which difficulty to run the game at - take the evaluation test. If you know which difficulty to run the game at - feel free to skip it.  Personally, as someone who plays a lot of racing games, I'll go in and adjust the settings to how I like them. But that's me, I'm sure there will be a lot of people that would prefer to run the test and see the game's suggestion.  Not allowing restarts and not allowing players to change difficulty post-evaluation would be awful in my opinion. What if I make a stupid mistake (that I never usually make) and the game sets me on easy.
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