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  1. Has any progress been made in the direction of using liveries on DLC cars? I really don't wanna commit to replace cars in order to use modded liveries.
  2. Just what I thought, the algorithm favors the more popular clases, and "Bonus" events feature some DLC content, either be tracks or cars. I guess for some of my cars I'll have to play the single-player career instead of the challenges. Looking forward to level up all the cars. I should have started this a long while ago.
  3. I just recently started to play the career mode of DR2, as I was heavily opposed to an online-only career when it came out. But I already noticed that in the challenges, some rally classes are much more likely to be used than others. R5 is by far the most common, followed (maybe) by Group A. I understand those are the more popular classes, but is it possible to have more frequent challenges with rarer classes, like RWD Group B? I assume this is determined by an algorithm of some sort, as I can't imagine someone at Codies setting up this manually every day, week or month.
  4. I only have one R5 already in use, but I want to take part in all daily events and one requires a R5. Can I buy one, use it and sell it without losing too much CR?
  5. I apologize if this isn't the proper place to ask for this. Is there a mod that replaces GUI icons of the Xbox controller for the PS4 equivalent? Would be very helpful.
  6. Cool, it's one step in the right direction. I hope soon there will be a way to replace all liveries of each car like in DR1. Should have been like this since day one.
  7. Are DLC cars finally moddable? I've seen templates for them released in RaceDepartment.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I haven't played in a while, and when I came back suddenly I had this error, but I fixed it following the instructions. I still use W7 because of reasons. I don't play career mode, but I like to upload my times from Time Trial to the servers.
  9. Are new seasons coming? I haven't visited this site in a while.
  10. Does anyone have the Golf MK4 and 206 yet?
  11. I have audio issues on the replays of Greece stages. Cameras work fine. I'm on Steam.
  12. Are custom liveries allowed now? If so I might share some stuff here again. I take screenshots after almost every stage.
  13. What are your thoughts on the BMW M2? I tried it in Time Trial and at first glance it doesn't seem to be as competitive as the Aston or the Porsche. Still, it's an unexpected addition to a category I felt it would be largely ignored. I still wish we had the Abarth 124 and the new Alpine over the muscle cars.
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