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    DS 21 engine sound too loud?

    Probably an irrelevant comment but I love this car so much. I knew it was used in rallying, but never expected it to make its way into a rally game. Driving it is so much fun, even if it's so ridiculously slow compared to the other two cars in its class. We need at least one more historic FWD (Saab 96) to make a four car class. I'm glad this game is not all about Subaru or Ford.
  2. Germany replay cameras are still broken on Steam version.
  3. Little remainder that the Germany replay cameras are still broken. The trackside cameras that follow the car doing a circular motion have their aim wrong. You see a lot of sky, and little car / ground.
  4. Nico

    DiRTy Gossip

    The Escort MKII model used until D4 was constantly inherited between games. I think it originally dates from CMR: DiRT 2, which is now a ten year old game and the first DiRT game I played. Near the end you played a McRae tribute championship with all the ingame stars plus other drivers like Valentino Rossi, all in MKII's. It was a fun game ten years ago, but today I'm glad we have the more focused "Rally" series, more worthy of Colin's legacy. I barely ever used that car in any games, but I'm glad they are using the original aesthetics now.
  5. I think it's supposed to simulate light cleaning of the windshield from things like bugs, dust, etc.
  6. Nico

    DiRTy Gossip

    Well I guess some people like to race with plain textured cars. What bothers me so much is this game's way of handling modded liveries. Back in DR1 it was a bit more difficult to install liveries, and you had to know which modded livery replaced each default livery since you couldn't replace the previews. But you could still replace everything and have every car full of the iconic skins you want. Here in DR2, they are easier to install with the folder method, but only one or two slots per car are moddable and the DLC cars are locked away. I would gladly go back to the way it was handled in DR1 if that means more variety of custom skins.
  7. Nico

    DiRTy Gossip

    Nah, there isn't. 😥 The "official" livery of the 037 is the Wurth one shown in screenshots, which I think is the same car they sampled the audio from. Kinda odd that they decided to "hide" the Rothmans livery despite not having the branding, even the mere color scheme is considered politically incorrect now? 🤔 In moments like this I wish Codies made the DLC cars moddable. The Porsche needs the word Rothmans in it, and the 037 needs Martini colors. Still, this is the best pair of cars released yet IMHO.
  8. Nico

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yes 😎
  9. To be honest I haven't bothered with the career mode at all, been playing custom championships and timed challenges since release. But this is a doubt I had since DiRT Rally, in which I never bothered too much with the career either, and I pretty much focused on my favourite car (Stratos) and map (Montecarlo). However, if playing through the career means I'll get better performance in timed challenges then I might try it.
  10. Nico

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Roadbook - June 7, 2019

    Glad to see AI cars will look clean now in between RX races. Just began to play with the Speedcars and it bothered me a lot to see my car clean and the others dirty. I hope you guys address the issue with the Germany replay cameras soon. It doesn't really affect gameplay but it does make our replays and screenshots look ugly.
  11. Nico

    Germany Trackside Replays - Zoom out a bit!

    Yeah let's hope they will address it soon. It bothers me a lot when I try to take decent screenshots.
  12. If you spent enough time playing CM games you surely know that they always inherit car models from one game to another. This has allowed things like, for instance, being able to use a custom livery originally meant for a DiRT 3 car on the DiRT Rally version of that same car, abeit with some modifications like the addition of different wheel types. Dunno if this was still the case in DiRT 4 as I refunded that game long ago. But when I tried to do this on DiRT Rally 2.0, using a livery from DR1, the livery wouldn't display correctly. I'm pretty sure it's possible to bring liveries from previous games, as livery makers like Mesa were able to bring their DR1 liveries into DR2 for the returning cars. Can we end users do the same thing if we want to use a livery meant for an older game? I'm asking because there's plenty of cars that don't get enough love from the community.
  13. Has anyone noticed the trackside cameras of Germany replays are kinda bugged? I'm talking about the fixed cameras that follow the car with a circular movement from either side of the road. Their aim is positioned above the car and not centered into the car. It's annoying when taking screenshots. Also the co-driver is bugged on replays, whenever you hear him he says "stop, well done" no matter which part of the replay you're watching.