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  1. What are your thoughts on the BMW M2? I tried it in Time Trial and at first glance it doesn't seem to be as competitive as the Aston or the Porsche. Still, it's an unexpected addition to a category I felt it would be largely ignored. I still wish we had the Abarth 124 and the new Alpine over the muscle cars.

  2. Is Codies even considering this? If we can't get decent liveries due to licensing issues at least give the community the chance to amend that. I feel like a couple of DLC cars (Lancia 037, Citroën C4, the newly released '01 Focus) could use some better liveries.

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  3. Will the new seasons be released on the very August 27th? Or we will be able to purchase earlier?

    I wish there was more classic content, and by classic I mean older than 1980. Don't see Codies adding more stuff when the game turns one year old.

  4. 4 minutes ago, ShodanCat said:

    There are other hillclimb events on Earth besides Pike's Peak.

    I know, but without the option of Pikes Peak available, bringing back hillclimb would necessarily mean creating a new track from zero. I think all of us would rather see that time and effort dedicated into making new rally stages. Hillclimb is an awesome discipline among motorsports, but let's be honest, Pikes Peak aside, it's not very well known globally compared to rallying or rallycross. If Codies didn't have the chance to license Pikes Peak for the original DiRT Rally, I doubt they would have even bothered with hillclimb at all.

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  5. I mean, I know rallycross is one of the few types of motorsport were contact is allowed, but precisely due to that I suppose cars must get repaired and washed very, very frequently. Especially if you have tons of sponsors displayed. In this game your car is only washed if you repair it, and you can repair it only if you have any sort of damage. AI cars just go into racing regardless of their damage / dirt. It's a bit annoying.

  6. Am I the only one bothered by how the AI RX cars aren't either washed or repaired between races? A few updates ago it was said that they were being washed between races, but it doesn't seem to be the case for me, at least on Group B RX.

    VR is the most superflous thing ever. I'm so tired of elitist people saying on the comments of everything "NO VR NO BUY LOL". Meanwhile my gaming PC is turning 4 years old, starting to show its age (Can't play DR2.0 fully maxed out) but I can't afford a full replacement right now. Can't even afford a wheel.

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