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  1. I was watching the temperature... I was losing 4-5 seconds a lap...
  2. I agree with Mitchell.. you should work on getting a faster car and using no assists what so ever before joining a league...
  3. No seriously... what is the problem with the AI... I'm playing a 25% race in Shanghai and it starts raining on lap 8 or 9 by lap 11 there is NO DRY LINE at all so I pit for intermediate tyres.... The rest of the field stay out on Primes and options (I know because when I passed Grossjean on lap 14 he had Options and his team mate Maldonado who I passed on the same lap had primes)  Why does the weather not affect the AI in this game?
  4. A couple of months ago I posted a questionnaire on this website.. turns out the work I did was in complete and I was asked to add a few more questions to the questionnaire by my college tutors... So I am back again with a further 7 questions... It would be great to get a good response preferably by this time tomorrow as I found out about the work today and it needs to be handed in Friday morning.... So please help and here are the questions 1. Do you like Formula 1?   Yes | No2. Have you played Formula 1 2013?    Yes | No3. If yes, what do you enjoy about the game? 4. Wha
  5. I only quote these 2 rules because they are the, Number 3 Totally agree, if people bought the game and think its crap, jokes on them they paid for it and then were stupid enough to make an account on a forum in attempt to troll people. as to Number 7, I'm not trying to be a dick.. but that's only going to feed the trolls
  6. Or here are the questions 1. Do you like Formula 1? Yes | No2. Have you played Formula 1 2013? Yes | No3. If yes, what do you enjoy about the game?  4. What do you do in your free time? 5. Do you play a lot of video games? Yes | No6. If yes how many hours a week do you spend playing games? 7. What type of games do you play? 8. Do you have any games consoles? Please circle   Yes | No9. If yes, what consoles do you have? 10.  How old are you? 11. Do you use social Media? Yes | No12. Do you prefer single or multiplayer games? 13. Are you male or female? 14. What genre most ap
  7. Alternate version if you don't have Microsoft Office https://www.dropbox.com/s/6x53ddbgwtz7l7l/F1%202013%20Game%20Questionnaire%202.txt?dl=0
  8. As part of my college work I have to profile an audience of a game, and I chose to do F1 2013, How ever to do that I have to get response on a questionnaire. So if you have the time please download the questionnaire and email the response back to me my email can be found on the bottom of the questionnaire https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfybtad2rd2bydh/F1%202013%20Game%20Questionnaire.doc?dl=0
  9. Have you tried turning Tyre wear off? there is the option too, and maybe play on amateur AI as well until you get better at the game...
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