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  1. Im playing championship with a group of friends. For exº the fastest players there are like 5, we are very similar times, 1, 2 , 3 seconds diference, and we know when someone crashed or flat a tire.... and all the championship is very equal to this 5 top players. But there is one guy there, sometimes crash or flat and lost 1 min for ex, and he recover that time to end first....its crazy. I saw him streaming, and he crashed and did mistakes like others, and even with this he sometimes win 10 seconds or more to someone that is fast and didnt made mistakes. I think he use some type of B
  2. I know some people are better than others. But i know in my group of friends who are better.... and normally we are like 5 drivers very similar.....and that its the fun of the championship. But there is one guy, when he is going there, its crazy times against us.....and i feel that he use something. The other day i said him to stream..... all the stages, he crashed or roll over, or made 360,..... he lost a lot of time....and i saw..... if he played so well like the other times he did in other rallys.....he never could play like this with so many errors on the road. So i think he is not so good
  3. Is there anyone here can reply me pls ? I continue to feel that people playing with me, are using hacks. Is there any way to know that ? its not fun doing a track without no errors, with all speed and loosing like 30 seconds for others....
  4. Hi guys, i want to know if Valve Anti Cheat real works ? I play a lot Dirt Rally 2.0, and sometimes i feel some people are playing with cheats\trainers\hacks..... because of crazy times. I play championships with a group of friends and sometimes i feel it too.... Is there any way to know if someone is playing with cheats ? I know there are cheaters in PC and PS4 people can cheat too ? I wish they get banned ! They take all the fun of competition... Thanks, a thanks for the great game. Pedro
  5. I continue waiting for a solution Codemasters!!! I cant play DIRT 3 anymore because of GFWLive shit. Please resolve this until the end of this year. We are all waiting for that. Its not fair from you guys.
  6. continue waiting for a fast resolution. If this will continue for too long, I will never buy another Codemasters game, I will play pirate versions of your games. This is what Im going to do ! This is unreal for a company like yours, stealing customers.
  7. I allways play DIRT 3, few weaks ago I tried to play again and GFWLive gave me an error. I tried to login in microsoft account and its showing me a message that someone tried to stole my account and i need to validate. I did the forms to get a code but in the final they are sent the code to a email that is not exists since 2012. So, i cant put another email or nothing, im always stuck and cant receive the code. I already talked with microsoft and they allways saying that is the only way to validate the account. I explain that i only need the account because my dirt 3 serial is associated with
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